Gallery Photos of Blupete (Gen 001-002)
By Peter Landry

Gallery Gen 001-002 (copyright claimed)

Odd Trees On The Mira 1991.jpg
Trees On The Mira
Odd Red Ball Hands04.jpg
Red Ball Hands

Odd Nail Polish 1992.jpg
Nail Polish
Plant  Red Baneberries.jpg
Red Baneberries

Odd Spider Web 1994.jpg
Spider Web
Plant Blown Grass 1991.jpg
Blown Grass
Plant Fiddle Heads 1992.jpg
Fiddle Heads
Plant Esparto Two 1991.jpg
Esparto Bug
Plant MapleLeaves1-1991-HD.jpg
Maple Leaf Bud
Plant MapleLeaves3-1991-HD.jpg
Maple Leaf
Renewal Stump 1990.jpg
Renewal Stump
Ploughed Field
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Peter Landry