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John George Bourinot

Though I have yet to make a study of Bourinot, this much I have been able to determined from the "adverts" in his books: He was a historian with a special expertise in the practices and procedures of the parliament of Canada, indeed, he was its clerk for a period of time. He also, apparently, held down honorary positions with several learned societies here in Canada, "Honorary Secretary of the Royal Society of Canada, etc."

I have a number John's historical works, including: Local Government in Canada: An Historical Study (Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University, 1887), "Municipal Government and Economics" (part of a larger series published under the auspices of John Hopkins University, Maryland), Builders of Nova Scotia (Toronto: Copp-Clark, 1900), Canada under British Rule (1760-1900) (Toronto: Copp-Clark, 1901) and Historical and Descriptive Account of the Island of Cape Breton and Its Memorials of the French Regime (1915). I have other works of Bourinot which relates to constitutional law, including: Parliamentary and Practice (1884) (Montreal: Dawson, 2nd ed., 1892), A Manual of the Constitutional History of Canada (Toronto: Copp, Clark; 1901), and How Canada Is Governed (Toronto: Copp, Clark; 1909).


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