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Virginia Woolf

Woolf was the daughter of Sir Leslie Stephen (1832-1904) who, Stephen, was a self declared agnostic and wrote essays, such as, "Free Thinking and Plain Speaking."

As a writer, Virginia Woolf followed the "Stream of Consciousness School"; she was a "modernist" (man can change things) and as such attacked the "naturalists" (persons are creatures of their own environment), such as Arnold Bennett, H. G. Wells, and John Galsworthy. She was a "Feminist." Almost all of her characters are members of her own leisured, intellectual, upper-middle class. Many of the novels are set in London, where she lived most of her life." (Benet's.) She and her friends were known as the "Bloomsbury Group," a group which centered around Cambridge University. Her best known book is likely To The Lighthouse. Virginia Woolf's works are readily available on the 'NET .


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