A blupete Essay

English Common Law & The Constitution, Part 1 to blupete's Essay
"The Canadian Constitution, A History Lesson"

We, in Canada, are blessed with a constitution which is fully traceable to the constitution of England, rooted deep, as it is, in English common law, a subject with which I deal elsewhere. The English common law and the English constitution, if it cannot be said they are one and the same, are inextricably linked to one another. They are joined at the head; the one cannot be taken without the other. The English constitution was formed by the common law and it continues to move with it; and, the common law was allowed to grow and flourish, because of the English constitution. The English constitution is without a measurable depth and breadth; it is, by its nature, undefinable; it has never been written down in one spot, nor could it be.


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