SCOTT & The South-Pole

Raymond Priestley

Priestley was born at Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire. His father was the headmaster of the Tewkesbury grammar school. After graduating from his father's school he read geology at University College, Bristol (1905-07).

Priestley was with Shackleton in The Nimrod Expedition (1907-09).

Scott recruited Priestley and went with him on the Terra Nova Expedition (19101912). Priestley carried out separate scientific studies apart from Scott's efforts to get to the south-pole. He was with Victor Campbell as one of the six man party which wintered over (unintentionally) at Terra Nova Bay, in an ice cave nicknamed "Inexpressible Island," for almost 7 months. (See Campbell.)

Priestley survived his poplar ordeals and returned to England in time to serve in the World War One. He went on to a series of academic and government administrative posts in Australia and England.


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