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Joseph Bouchette 1

Bouchette, an army engineer, joined the Duke of Kent's regiment at Halifax in 1800. Bouchette's uncle was Samuel Holland whom he succeeded as surveyor-general of Lower Canada in 1804. He was to become "one of the ablest topographers of the age." As an artist of "figurative plan and views" Bouchette's works have come to be valuable pieces. His first book was a work printed and published in England in 1816, and which was done on a scale of magnificence, such that it was rendered costly to the author, and too expensive for very general circulation. Bouchette died in Montreal in 1841.


[1] The portrait here is from the frontispiece to Bouchette's 1815 work, A Topographical Description of the province of Lower Canada, with Remarks upon Upper Canada, and on the relative connection of both provinces with The United States. It was painted by one of the Engleheart's, John Cox Dillman Engleheart, and engraved by another, Francis Engleheart. The original is now with the National Archives, Ottawa.


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