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Thomas Button (?-1634)

Button, "a Welsh officer of the Royal Navy," was sent out in 1612, in two ships (Resolution and Discovery), to see what Henry Hudson's fate might have been. Though he was unable to come up with any information concerning Hudson, he did make certain discoveries including the mouth of the Nelson River (Nelson was a ship's member who had died). His explorations extended into 1613, having wintered over at Port Nelson. During these further explorations up the western shores of Hudson's Bay (searching for a passage west) one of his two ships, the Resolution was lost due to the crush of ice. He returned to England in September of 1613. He called the area that he had explored, New North Wales and New South Wales. (See Map)

This, just described, was Button's only trip to the Canadian High North, though he did continue on and established a distinguished British Naval career.

To quote Wikipedia: "Button and his men were the first recorded Europeans to walk in the area now known as Manitoba. His discovery meant others followed after him, using his landmarks, his stories, and his detailed notes. The first maps of areas near Hudson Bay were struck from his explorations and from those of his predecessor, Henry Hudson."



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