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Introduction (9KB)
01 Franklin's Early Years, At The Battle at Copenhagen (8KB) 02 Franklin's Early Years, At The Battle of Trafalgar (8KB)
03 Franklin's Years Of Patrol (6KB) 04 Franklin At The Battle of New Orleans, Then A Turn To The Arctic (9KB)
05 Franklin's First Arctic Expedition (The Coppermine, 1819-22) (15KB) 06 Franklin's Second Arctic Expedition (The Mackenzie, 1825-27) (14KB)
07 Service In The Eastern Mediterranean (13KB) 08 Tasmanian Troubles (9KB)
09 Franklin's Last Arctic Expedition (12KB) 10 The Search For Franklin (12KB)
11 Speculation: What Happened? (16KB) 12 "Eskimo Stories" (14KB)
13 Lady Franklin and the Fox (13KB) 14 Summation (19KB)
Early Northern Explorers (13KB) The Hudson's Bay Company (23KB)
The Searchers For Franklin (23KB) Date List (48KB)
Notes (28KB) Bibliography (17KB)

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