Blupete's History of Nova Scotia

Significant Historical Happenings: 1751.
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Bk. 1, Pt. 5, Ch. 6. - "Foreign Protestants By the Ship Load" (1750-52).
Bk. 1, Pt. 5, Ch. 9. - "The English Fortify Nova Scotia" (1749-54).

§Thomas Gray (1716-71) writes the meditative "Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard."
§A series of fortifications, the Peninsular Blockhouses, including the Peninsular Road are built across the narrowest part of Halifax peninsula, from the head of the North West Arm to Bedford Basin; thus closing the back door to attack. (See map.)
§MARCH, 1751:
§March: Cornwallis strengthens the English positions at Piziquid (Windsor), Fort Edward, Captain St. Loe, in charge; and, at Minas (Vieux Logis).
§March 20th: George II's (1683-1760) oldest son, the Prince of Wales (Frederick Louis, 1707-51) from whom the king was completely estranged, died.
§MAY, 1751:
§May 13th: Indians again attack Dartmouth, "killing, scalping and carrying off prisoners"; "several settlers were killed."
§JUNE, 1751:
§June 13th: "... the brig, Osborne, the first ship ever built in Halifax was launched."
§JULY, 1751:
§July 1st: British regiments, were, for the first time, officially designated by numbers; thus, that which had been known as Cornwallis', late Phillipp's, became the Fortieth Regiment of Foot ("The Fighting Fortieth").
§July 21st: (NS): Having set sail at Rotterdam, the Speedwell arrives at Halifax with 212 settlers aboard.
§August, 1751:
§August 3rd: Benjamin Green brings the first printing press to Nova Scotia.
§August 3rd: Comte de Raymond arrives to take over from Des Herbiers as the Governor of Louisbourg.
§Aug. 8th: Having set sail at Rotterdam, the Gale arrives at Halifax with 205 settlers aboard.
§September 24th: Having set sail at Rotterdam, the Pearl arrives at Halifax with 232 settlers aboard.
§Sep. 13th: Des Herbiers sails for France.
§September 31st: Having set sail at Rotterdam, the Murdock arrives at Halifax with 269 settlers aboard.
§In 1751, Raymond builds a road connecting Louisbourg to Port Toulouse (St. Peters).

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