Blupete's History of Nova Scotia

Key Events in the History of Nova Scotia: 1792.

§April 2nd: HMS Alligator brings into Halifax Harbour two French Prizes.
§May 12th: Sir John Wentworth arrived at Halifax. On May 14th, 1792, he is sworn in as Lieutenant Governor of Nova Scotia. He remained so for the next sixteen years, until 1808.
§June 1st, 1792, Thomas Strange, the Chief Justice, sits as a councilor.
§August 10th, 1792: A Parisian mob, led by the rhetoric of Danton, storm the Tuileries and take the royal family as prisoners.
§"September massacres" as it is known in French History, when a mass killing of political prisoners occurred in Paris from the 2nd to the 6th of September, 1792.
§The "Great Pictou Road" was opened. It was driven through to Musquodoboit and then on to Dartmouth.
§In England, "the fourteen years from the outbreak of the French revolution to the Peace of Amiens -- from 1789 till 1802 -- formed an almost unbroken succession of bad harvests, and that of 1792 was one of the worst of the series. .. It was, then, at a moment of acute commercial and agricultural crisis that this most pacific and commercial of ministers [Pitt] found himself confronted with a war of the very first magnitude." [Lord Rosebery's biography, Pitt (London: MacMillan, 1891) at p. 118.]

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