Blupete's History of Nova Scotia

Key Events in the History of Nova Scotia: 1836.

§Cagniard de la Tour discovered that the yeast-plant was a living organism, which, when placed in a proper medium, -- feeds, grows, and reproduces itself; what Cagniard hit upon was organic growth.
§Nov 2nd: The Fourteenth Assembly of the Nova Scotia Legislature, first convened in 1830, was Dissolved. Election Writ issued; Returnable Jan 12th, 1837.
§Dickens, Pickwick Club.
§April 9th: Halifax Marine Insurance Company established.
§December 1st: Avon Bridge at Windsor completed.
§In Great Britain, a measure was brought in which allowed "civil marriage and dispensing non-conformists from the publication of banns in churches."
§By an act of the legislature Shelburne is divided into two counties, Shelburne and Yarmouth.
§Annapolis Steamboat Co. incorp. by Statute.
§An Act to incorporate the General Mining Association.
§Kennetcook Mills Co. Incorporated by statute.
§An Act to incorporate the Kings County Woolen Cloth and Mills Company.
§Noel: Associated Plaster and Mills Co. incorporated by Statute.
§An act "in respect the collection of poor rates" [Pictou].
§An act "for the better regulation of Sable Island and Seal Islands." By this act Sable Island was annexed to Nova Scotia, primarily so that they might be better able to prosecute the wreckers and looters.
§An act "to appoint Commissioners, in relation to Light Houses on St. Paul and Scatterie Islands."

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