Blupete's History of Nova Scotia

Key Events in the History of Nova Scotia: 1839.

§William Henry Bartlett (1809-54) was a noted British traveller and highly skilled landscape work. He visited Canada four times between 1836 and 1852. His Canadian Scenery full of wonderful engravings was published in 1842.
§September 19th, Albion Mines Railroad, Nova Scotia's first steam railway, opened between Stellarton and Pictou Harbour, a distance of six miles. In Great Britain, by 1843 there was 2,000 miles of railway; by 1848 -- 5,000. "The posting inns and postilions disappeared, and with them went the public mail-coach, and the heavy family coach" of the aristocratic households.
§Belgian's neutrality is guaranteed by Britain and France; it was a guarantee that Britain and France backed as late as 1939.
§The first lighthouse was in operation on St. Paul's island, on the northeast side; in the following year the second lighthouse on the southwest side was lit.
§Halifax: An act to open a new road to St Mary's.
§An act to change the side lines of Water Street, Halifax.

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