Blupete's History of Nova Scotia

Key Events in the History of Nova Scotia: 1849.

§Zachary Taylor (1784-1850) was sworn in as President of the United States.
§April: Riots at Montreal. The Parliament Buildings at Montreal (then the capital of the union) was burnt, setting up the choice of a new capital, Ottawa.
§Annexation to the United States was in the air and politicians in the United States confidently expected it.
§The imperial parliament in England repealed the navigation laws. One of the results of this was to open the St Lawrence River to vessels of all nations.
§December 15: Postal Convention with Great Britain.
§An Act to regulate the Benefit Building Societies
§British North American Electric Telegraph Associates incorporated by statute.
§An act was passed to assist the Quebec Railway Company by enabling commissioners to erect and build the "Trunk Line of Railway from Halifax to Quebec to construct the same within the limits of this province."
§Chebucto Marine Insurance Co. incorporated by statute.

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