Blupete's History of Nova Scotia

Key Events in the History of Nova Scotia: 1851.

§March 30: A census was carried out in Great Britain
§March 30: A railroad from Halifax to Quebec authorized
§Jul 26: The Eighteenth Assembly of the Nova Scotia Legislature, first convened in 1848, was Dissolved
§Aug 28: Election Date
§September 1: First postage stamps went on sale in Nova Scotia
§An act to incorporate the Nova Scotia Electric Telegraph Co.
§September 12: First telegraphic message sent from Halifax to Quebec
§Nov 4: The Nineteenth Assembly of the Nova Scotia Legislature convened. J. B. Uniacke continued on as Premier until his resignation in 1854.
§Norman MacLeod leads his flock of Scottish immigrants from St Ann's, Nova Scotia to New Zealand.
§In England, an act was passed allowing for the inspection of common lodging houses. So, too, in this year "the window-tax, that old enemy of health and light was at last repealed."
§The first undersea cable was laid between Calais and Dover. Reuters News Service was founded in this year.
§The first Revised Statutes of Nova Scotia are published in 1851. Uniacke's work of 1805 was "a revision and not a consolidation."
§Avon Mutual Marine Insurance Co. Incorporated by statute
§By an act of the legislature Cape Breton County (which had been divided in 1835 was further divided into two counties: Cape Breton and Victoria
§Letters Patent granted to Moore R Fletcher (M.D.) for a "Marine Alarm Bell"
§An act to incorporate the Halifax and Annapolis Steam Navigation Co.
§An Act to incorporate the Sons of Temperance of Nova Scotia
§An act to incorporate the Sydney Steamboat Co.
§The Great Exhibition was held at Hyde Park, in the Crystal Palace, a structure of iron and glass. Nova Scotia was an invited exhibitor. Among the exhibits were mineral ores and stuffed birds.
§Population of Halifax, 20,000

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