Blupete's History of Nova Scotia

Key Events in the History of Nova Scotia: 1865.

§April 2: Militia ordered out for drill in Lunenburg due to Fenian scare.
§April 9: General Lee surrenders to Grant.
§April 14: Lincoln is assassinated.
§The Return of Cholera: The last outbreak was in 1831; now, again, it was felt in England.
§October 18, 1865: A leading political figure in England, Henry John Temple Palmerston (1784-1865) died.
§Japan opens itself to the world.
§The first telegraph line is laid across the ocean floor from England to America. A new cable ship was employed, the largest ship afloat, the Great Eastern. Actually, the first cable was laid in 1858, but it did not work due to insulation problems.
§"... in 1865 the steam tonnage added to Lloyd's register for the first time exceeded that of sailing ships." However, sailing vessels still hauled a lot of cargo. "Steam has ousted sail for passenger and mail traffic, but sail could compete successfully in the carriage of bulky commodities (including coal for steamships) over long distances."
§Acadia Boot and Shoe Co. Incorporated by statute.
§Halifax Industrial School incorporated by statute.
§By the Education Act of 1865, compulsory assessment for the support of common schools went into effect.
§International Gold Mining Co. incorporated by statute.
§Stone Cutters and Masons' Association of Halifax incorporated by statute.
§Sydney and Bras d'Or Steamboat Co. incorporated by statute.
§Waverly Gold Mining Co. incorporated by statute.
§Windsor and Annapolis Railway Co. Incorporated by statute.

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