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Giordano Bruno

Born near Naples, in a place called Nola (Campania), Bruno was one of the new breed of scientists who shunned the stilted philosophy of Aristotle; and, thus, came afoul the doctrines of the church. At first he was part of the church (entirely necessary in those days if one was to receive any kind of an education), a Dominican; but not for long. He fled Italy for Geneva and then went to England, that enlighten country, were he taught for awhile (Oxford). He eventually (1585) returned to Europe and traveled extensively, seemingly to avoid his holy pursuers. In 1592, Bruno was arrested by the ecclesiastical authorities (The Inquisition) and put on trial for his beliefs, beliefs based on the real world such as those of Copernicus, and which he would not recant. After a seven year trial, Bruno, in an act which forever branded the church as an intolerant institution, at Rome, was put to death by burning.



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