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Glossary Of Philosophic Terms
In Support of blupete's Essay
"On Philosophy"
§ Idealism is that belief that there is no reality, that reality subsists only in thought. Idealism is to be compared to
materialism and to dualism. (For idealism, see Plato and see Kant.)
Identity, The Law of Identity:
§ 'A' is 'A.' (See
Inductive Thinking:
§ I have always thought of it (inductive thinking) as thinking from the bottom up; as opposed to thinking from the top down (deductive). One who uses a deductive approach accepts notions (often having no basis in reality) and then proceeds to build on such notions; it is, more often than not, a fruitless (sometimes harmful) process; one ends up "building castles in the air."
The inductive approach always builds up from a solid base. A theory, based on real experiences, is struck; it is then tested rigorously and continuously; all experiences must support the theory. Some theories have been so thoroughly tested over years that they have become accepted facts of nature. However, even though they may be well tested and put to considerable use, theories always remain theories.
It has been through the inductive method of thinking that men like Copernicus (1473-1543), Galileo (1564-1642) and Newton (1642-1727) laid down the bricks and cemented into place the foundation of our modern age.
(See further under Deductive Reasoning.)


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