SCOTT & The South-Pole

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20 - "DATE LIST"

Jun 01 - The Terra Nova sails from the East India Docks, London
Jun 03 - Amundsen leaves Oslo
Jun 15 - The Terra Nova sails from Cardiff
Jun 23 - The Terra Nova comes into Madeira
Jul 15 - With three keepers (grooms), the ponies and the dogs leave Vladivostok, Russia, for their voyage to New Zealand
Sep 06 - Amundsen arrives at Madeira
Oct 12 - The Terra Nova arrives at Melbourne
Nov 26 - The Terra Nova leaves New Zealand for the Antarctica
Dec 01 - The Terra Nova ran into a gale.
Dec 09 - The Terra Nova enters into an ice pack and spends 20 days making her way out, which she did on the 30th

Jan 02 - Mount Erebus is spotted
Jan 04 - The Terra Nova Arrives at Cape Evans, McMurdo Sound
Jan 14 - Amundsen arrived at the Ross Shelf, the Bay of Whales (See Map)
Jan 17 - "We (Scott's Group) took up our abode in the hut to-day and are simply overwhelmed with its comfort" "Our residence is really a house of considerable size, in every respect the finest that has ever been erected in the Polar regions; 50 ft. long by 25 wide and 9 ft. to the eaves" (See Picture)
Jan 25 - 12 men, 8 ponies and 26 dogs went south to start setting up depots Jan 28 - The Terra Nova departs Cape Evans. (See Picture) She was transporting the Eastern Party (see Campbell). It was while sailing that those on the Terra Nova discovered that Amundsen was at the Bay of Whales.
Feb 17 - The party reaches Camp 15 (See Map) and establishes the "One Ton Depot" (See The Laying of the "One Ton Depot")
Feb 18 - The party turn for home
Feb 22 - Scott and his party arrive at Hut Point -- It is then that Scott learns that Amundsen had established a camp at the Bay of Whales -- "We were confined to the hut and its immediate environs"
Mar 28 - Still at Hut Point -- Slowly but surely the sea is freezing over. Scott wrote there were 16 men waiting for the ice to form-over north of at Hut Point so that they could make it to their main encampment at Cape Evens, where there was waiting the other nine men (there was 25 in the total group)
Mar 31 - The Terra Nova arrives at New Zealand, after exploring new territory, Oates Land; she very nearly got caught as the freezing ice closed in
Apr 13 - Started from Hut Point (See Map)
Apr 14 - Arrive at Cape Evans where 9 men were stationed -- It was on January 25th, that 12 men had set out in their southern trip to set up the first of the depots -- so Scott, and those who had been with him, had been away from Cape Evens (and its comparable comforts) for better than ten weeks
Apr 17 - Started from C. Evans to go to Hut Point to re-supply that place. They had two 10 ft. sledges. Two of the "ponies hauled the sledges to within a mile of the Glacier Tongue" -- These were part of the group stabled at Cape Evans -- There were, after their journey back from the "One Ton Depot," ten ponies left, eight at Cape Evans and two at Hut Point
Apr 18 - Reached Hut Point (also known as Discovery Hut)
Apr 21 - Scott with his group started back Cape Evens (also known as Winter Quarters) The group: Scott, Bowers, Wilson, Oates, Atkinson, Cherry, Crean and Hooper
Apr 21 - Reached Cape Evans. Scott declares in his journal, "The sledging season is at an end"
Apr 23 - Sunday. The sun was getting increasingly lower in the northern sky. Settled into Winter Quarters -- Divine Service. Have only seven hymn-books
May 13 - The contingent (5 men, 2 horses and a number of dogs) that had been at Hut Point for the past month joined the main party at Cape Evans
May 26 - "We are living extraordinarily well"
Jun 08 - "Debenham and Gran went off to Hut Point this morning; they should return to-morrow"
Jun 12 - "Debenham and Gran have not yet returned; this is their fifth day of absence"
Jun 13 - Debenham and Gran return
Jun 21 - Midwinter. "High Festival of Midwinter" A Christmas like celebration takes place at Cape Evans. "We had come through a summer season and half a winter, and had before us half a winter and a second summer"
Jun 27 - Party start for Cape Crozier with two sledges: (Wilson, Bowers & Cherry-Garrard) (See Map)
Jul 06 - "The temperature has taken a plunge to -46° last night. ... Frostbiting weather! ... The sun has not yet risen a degree ... yet to-day there was a distinct red in the northern sky"
Jul 18 - "A very brilliant red sky at noon to-day and enough light to see one's way about. ... but of course dependent on a clear sky, very rare"
Jul 22 - "To-day we have another raging blizzard -- the wind running up to 72 m.p.h. in gusts -- one way and another the Crozier Party must have had a pretty poor time"
Jul 26 - "There is really very little to be recorded in these days, life proceeds very calmly if somewhat monotonously. Everyone seems fit, there is no sign of depression. To all outward appearance the ponies are in better form than they have ever been; the same may be said of the dogs with one or two exceptions" (See Dogs and Ponies)
Aug 02 - "The Crozier Party returned last night after enduring for five weeks the hardest conditions on record"
Aug 06 - "Sunday with its usual routine -- Hymn singing has become a point on which we begin to take some pride to ourselves -- With our full attendance of singers we now get a grand volume of sound"
Aug 10 - "The ponies are very fit but inclined to be troublesome ... Chinaman still kicks and squeals at night. ... I am glad to say all the lice have disappeared ..."
Aug 17 - "The temperature hovers pretty constantly at about -35°, there is very little wind and the sky is clear and bright -- In such weather one sees well for more than three hours before and after noon ... The balloon has become a daily institution. ... As the daylight comes, people are busier than ever"
Aug 21 - "The ponies are becoming a handful. Three of the four exercised to-day so far have run away ..."
Aug 21 - "The sun is shining into the hut windows—already sunbeams rest on the opposite walls"
Sep 10 - "E. R. Evans, Forde, and Gran left early on Saturday for Corner Camp"
Sep 08 - Amundsen's party of 8 men and 86 dogs were off, south, to the pole. It proved to be too early a start. On account of extremely low temperatures (at one point, -56, cent.); the party turned back. So too, trouble broke out between the men
Oct 03 - "Time simply flies and the sun steadily climbs the heavens. Breakfast, lunch, and supper are now all enjoyed by sunlight, whilst the night is no longer dark"
Oct 06 - "To-day Wilson, Oates, Cherry-Garrard, and Crean have gone to Hut Point with their ponies ..." A telephone line had been laid earlier by Meares and now the two groups could communicate with one another"
Oct 13 - Meares gets away with his dog team hauling more supplies from Hut Point to The Corner Camp 60 miles away. "Evans says he carried eight bags of forage and that the dogs went away at a great pace"
Oct 15 - "The weather is very decidedly warmer and for the past three days has been fine. The thermometer stands but a degree or two below zero ..."
Oct 17 - Meares returns with his dog team from The Corner Camp. He covered, in a two day period: 60 miles -- Scott was impressed, but still he did not like the idea of dogs?
Oct 18 - Southerly blizzard
Oct 19 - Amundsen sets out for the pole, for the second time with four men, four sledges and 48 dogs.
Oct 22 - "To-day everything is ready -- The loads are ranged on the sea ice, the motors are having a trial run, and, all remaining well with the weather ...
Oct 24 - "Two fine days for a wonder. ... This morning Meares announced his return from Corner Camp, so that all stores are now out there. The run occupied the same time as the first ... If only one could trust the dogs to keep going like this it would be splendid" -- as it turned out, the dogs did a lot better than the ponies (though they did not do badly) and the men
Oct 30 - "We had another beautiful day yesterday, and one began to feel that the summer really had come" Before the day was out there was a howling blizzard
Nov 01 - Scott's trek to the south-pole began from Cape Evans
Nov 15 - Fighting constant snowfalls, Scott reached One Ton Camp
Nov 17 - Amundsen clears off the Ice shelf and is at the foot of the mountains
Nov 21 - Amundsen reaches the top of the mountains, having, in four days, travelled 44 miles and up 10,000 feet with a ton of supplies. They killed 30 of the dogs leaving 18, in three teams, for their trip over the central plain to the South-Pole (See Map)
Nov 24 - Meanwhile, back to Scott: Day and Hooper, of the ex-motor party, were turned back -- First pony shot and butchered
Dec 01 - Four camps later, the second pony was shot
Dec 05 - Blizzard. Confined to tents for the next four days
Dec 10 - The remaining ponies were shot and the parties reorganised
Sledge 1. Scott, Wilson, Oates and P.O. Evans
Sledge 2. E. Evans, Atkinson, Wright, Lashly
Sledge 3. Bowers, Cherry-Garrard, Crean, Keohane
Dec 11 - Meares and Demetri with the dogs, having ascended above the Lower Glacier Depot, were turned back (They reached Hut Point on January 4)
Dec 14 - The situation gradually improved as they scaled the glacier -- so, too, on this date: Amundsen arrives at the pole
Dec 15 - South Barrier Depot: Meares passed through (See Map)
Dec 21 - 300 miles from the pole Wright, Cherry-Garrard and Keohane & Atkinson (The first supporting party): Turned back (They reached Hut Point on January 16)
Leaving Upper Glacier Depôt
Sledge 1. Scott, Wilson, Oates, P.O. Evans
Sledge 2. E. Evans, Bowers, Crean, Lashly
Dec 25 - The advancing parties splurge on a Christmas meal
Dec 26 - Day and Hooper arrive back at base camp

Jan 04 - The last two, four-man groups, reached a point 167 miles away from the South-Pole
E. Evans, Crean, and Lashly (The last supporting party): were turned back (They reached Hut Point on February 22)
The five-man polar party of Scott, Wilson, Bowers, Oates and Evans (Edgar) set out to complete the run to the pole
Jan 05 - Meares and the dogs arrive back at base camp
Jan 06 - Crossed the line of latitude where Shackleton turned back. For the next few days the going was difficult
Jan 09 - Stayed in their bags all day as a blizzard roared outside
Jan 10 - Resumed their march
Jan 13 - Crossed the 89th parallel (See Map)
Jan 15 - Made their final depot of four days' food
Jan 16 - Scott discovers that Amundsen likely beat him to the pole
Jan 18 - Scott's party reaches the South Pole
Jan 19 - The return trip of 900 miles started out fairly well
Jan 23 - Certain members of the party were now experiencing frostbite, cold feet and injuries on account of falls
Jan 25 - Bowers' diary stopped
Jan 25 - Amundsen arrives back his base camp with eleven running dogs
Jan 29 - Atkinson's party arrive back at Scott's base camp
Feb 05 - The Terra Nova returned to McMurdo from New Zealand
Feb 08 - Completed the Polar Plateau stage of their journey, approximately 300 miles. Started their decent of the Beardmore Glacier, 100 miles
Feb 11 - In difficult conditions, they took a wrong turn and "we got into the worst ice mess I have ever been in"
Feb 16 - The Terra Nova left "to pick up the Geological Party on the western side of McMurdo Sound." She was stopped by ice. Feb 16 - Evans collapsed and soon after midnight, died
Feb 19 - Left the foot of the glacier
Feb 19 - Crean arrived alone at base camp; leaving E. Evans (very sick) and Lashly 35 miles miles away on the ice; Atkinson and the dogs set out to rescue the men
Feb 24 - At South Barrier Depot: Scott makes first reference to "shortage of oil"
Feb 26 - Cherry and dog handler Dimitri Gerov made one last supply run out to the 'One Ton Depot.' They get there on March 4th, and they waited there seven days, then returned to base camp
Feb 27 - Wilson's diary stopped.
March - The Terra Nova comes to Cape Evans -- she arrives with supplies, including nine mules, a gift from the Indian Government
Mar 07 - Amundsen arrives back at Hobart
Mar 07 - Scott mentions the dogs for the first time: "We hope against hope that the dogs have been to Mt. Hooper [the next depot -- see Map], then we might pull through. On the same day, the dogs, driven by Cherry-Garrard and Dimitri, were waiting at One Ton Depot, some seventy-two miles from Mt. Hooper -- It was on this date, too that Amundsen arrived back at Hobart, Australia
Mar 10 - Reached Mt. Hooper -- "Cold comfort. Shortage on our allowance all round ..."
Mar 16 - Things got worse as the north wind continued to blow in their faces -- Temperature fell to -43°F. With a blizzard blowing outside the tent, Oates took his exit, saying "I am just going outside and may be some time"
Mar 16 - Cherry and Dimitri arrive back at base camp
Mar 20 - Halted by a fierce blizzard, but twenty miles north from where Oates had taken his exit, Scott and his two friends make their last camp. They were trapped in their tent thereafter, but only eleven miles short of their objective to the south
Mar 26 - Atkinson and Keohane go south in an effort to get to Scott's party; they were soon into the teeth of a blizzard and returned just pass Corner Camp on March 30th
Mar 29 - The presumed date of death for Scott
Apr 01 - The Terra Nova arrives at New Zealand; leaving Atkinson and 13 men to winter-over at Cape Evans till the beginning of a new summer season in Antarctic, November to March. The previous winter the hut held 27 men, including of course, Scott
Oct 29 - The Antarctic summer having arrived, a search party under Atkinson set out to see what happened to Scott and his polar party; it consisted of 12 men with dogs and seven mules which had been brought in by the Terra Nova
Nov 12 - The tent was discovered, and, inside, the frozen bodies of Scott, Wilson and Bowers -- It was 11 miles to the south of One Ton Depot. They marched on to see if they could discover the bodies of the two others; the two could not be found
Nov 15 - Atkinson's party returned to Hut Point

Jan 17 - The Terra Nova arrived at McMurdo
Feb 10 - The Terra Nova arrived at New Zealand with the remaining members of the Scott's Last Expedition


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