Blupete's History of Nova Scotia

Significant Historical Happenings: 1756.

JANUARY, 1756:
§January 16th, 1756: Westminster Convention is signed which bound Austria and England in a common defence against Prussia and France.

§In February, 1756, the Marquis de Montcalm was appointed the French commander in chief in America.

APRIL, 1756:
Nova Scotia:
§April, 1756: Major Prebble is sent to Cape Sable and Port Latour to remove the Acadians found at these places; "to destroy all their buildings and carry them away to Boston."
§April, 1756: A wood gathering party out of Fort Monckton (Fort Gasperaux) at Baie Verte is surprised by Indians, "nine of them are scalped."

MAY, 1756:
§May 8th, 1756: On an island in Mahone Bay, now Covey Island, members of the Payzant family are murdered and scalped.
§May 12th, 1756: Montcalm arrived at Quebec.
§May 14th, 1756: Proclamation at Halifax: bounty of £30 for every male Indian prisoner brought in above the age of 16 alive, £25 for every Indian woman or child brought in alive, £25 for every male Indian scalp.
§May 20th, 1756: The French fleet engages the badly equipped British fleet under Byng which was charged with bringing relief to the English garrison at Minorca. The French emerge victorious.

JUNE, 1756:
§June, 1756: "The Blackhole of Calcutta": A prince of India, the Nabob of Bengal, of "a cruel character and ill disposed to the English", shuts up, in the heat of summer, 146 English prisoners in a dungeon some twenty feet square, "by morning all but twenty-three had succumbed to their frightful sufferings."
§June 9th, 1756: War is declared.
§June, 1756: The Mediterranean island of Minorca falls to the French.
§June 15th, Governor and Council authorize a block house at LaHave. (See map.)

JULY, 1756:
§July, 1756: A new commander in chief for America, the Earl of Loudoun, arrives at New York.
§July 23rd, 1756: Charles Lawrence is officially sworn in as governor and commander in chief of Nova Scotia. The order in Council is dated 22nd Dec., 1755 and sent out with a letter from the Board dated March 25th, 1756.
§July 26-27th, 1756: After having successfully delivered Montcalm (1712-59) and 1300 reinforcements to Quebec a small fleet sails into Louisbourg in order to leave off supplies.

AUGUST, 1756:
§August 9th, 1756: War with France is formally declared at Halifax.
§August the 7th: Charles Holmes was now on blockade duty off Louisbourg.
§During the summer, fifteen French ships were condemned as prizes of war by the Halifax court and ordered to be auctioned.

AUTUMN, 1756:
§Fall, 1756: The British experienced so much difficulty with Indian raids at Fort Monckton (Fort Gasperaux) at Baie Verte that they abandon and burn it.
§A young Edmund Burke published A Vindication of Natural Society.
§December 4th, 1756, William Pitt came to the head of the English government.

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