Blupete's History of Nova Scotia

Significant Historical Happenings: 1759.

§February, 1759: Land for the naval Yard at Halifax is assembled and the buildings are started. Thus the establishment of the first naval base in America was to occur.
§1759: "... two fine long blocks of barracks, facing each other," were built on the northeastern part of Citadel Hill.
§February 17th: Admiral Saunders with his fleet starts out from London.
§April 4th: George Frederick Handel [1685-1759] dies at London.
§April 30th: Saunders, after a long and hard transatlantic trip, finding Louisbourg plugged with ice, heads for Halifax.
§May 17th: Saunders leaves Halifax Harbour, and, on his way to Louisbourg, he meets up with Holmes who had come up with his fleet from New York.
§June 6th: The entire combined fleet -- with 8,635 troops aboard under Wolfe -- leaves Louisbourg Harbour for Quebec.
§June 21st: The British invasive fleet anchors off of Ile d'Orleans.
§June, 1760: Liverpool is settled with the first organized group of New Englanders. It was 70 families from Massachusetts who were "interested more in the fishery, the lumber trade, and shipbuilding than in farming ..." They arrived, as Lawrence reported, "with live stock, thirteen fishing schooners, and machinery for three sawmills."
§August 17: Council at Halifax divided the province into five counties. "Settlement was still so scanty and scattered that for the time being rather rough bounds sufficed." The counties as first established, were; Cumberland (included all of present day New Brunswick), Annapolis, Kings, Lunenburg with all the rest being known as Halifax County.
§August 22nd: a resolution is passed that members to House of Assembly should be elected. An election, the second in the province, then ensued.
§September 13th: Truro is established with English settlers.
§September 18th: Quebec having been captured, Articles of Capitulation are signed.
§September 25th: Tribune of St. Esprit lost off Cape Breton with many lives.

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