Blupete's History of Nova Scotia

Significant Historical Happenings: 1760.

§January 22nd: Mascarene, who had done so much for the English and Acadian relations between the years 1710 and 1749, dies at Boston.
§A Treaty of Peace and Friendship is concluded, at Halifax, by the Governor and Commander-in-chief of Nova Scotia with Paul Laurent Chief of the LaHave tribe of Indians.
§June 4th: New England colonists, "The Planters" arrive in 22 ships at Grand Pre and take over the deserted Acadian farm lands.
§September 8th: Montreal having been captured, Articles of Capitulation are signed.
§October 17th: The demolition work being done by British engineers and sappers, Louisbourg "lay in utter ruins; the walls were totally overthrown; the ditch was filled with d├ębris."
§October 19: Charles Lawrence, the military governor of Nova Scotia, at whose feet the decision to deport the Acadian population must be laid, "died suddenly Sunday ... after a grand ball at Government House." With the death of Lawrence, Jonathan Belcher administers the government. Henry Ellis, the former governor of Georgia, is appointed to take Lawrence's place as governor, but never leaves England to take up his post.
§October 25th: George II dies and his 22 year old grandson, George III, takes the throne.

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