Blupete's History of Nova Scotia

Key Events in the History of Nova Scotia: 1772.

§Fire at the naval base, Portsmouth, resulted in the Dockyard Act which provided for a death sentence to any one found guilty of setting fire to the King's ships or dockyards in Great Britain or the colonies.
§May 1st: The Duke of York arrives at Halifax from Hull with Yorkshire Emigrants aboard destined for the Chignecto area. (See, "The Early Settlement of the Chignecto Townships.")
§May 26th, Tue: "The freeholders met at the Town House to choose a representative for the town of Liverpool. At the first time of voting, Samuel Doggett, Esq., got 19 votes, Capt. prince Snow, 16, Elisha Freeman, Esq., 2, and Capt. Ephraim Dean, 3. At the second meeting Doggett got 24 which carried it." (Perkins Diary.)
§June 6th, great fire in the woods near Chester and Lunenburg, destroying 60 houses and barns.
§June: A group of distinguished citizens from Rhode Island after shooting its captain, board and burn the British Navy's armed schooner, Gaspee. It is considered the first military move of the colonies against the mother country.
§July: Governor Campbell, having been away from his post for nine months, returns from Boston where he had sought medical attention.
§About eleven settlers arrive at Tatamagouche from Lunenburg, bearing names such as Langille, Tattrie, Gratto, Matatall and Patriquin; nothing was there at Tatamagouche except for the disappearing traces of the French inhabitants which had been forced off their lands 17 years earlier. They came at the urging of DesBarres who, among other large tracts in Nova Scotia, had acquired 20,000 acres at Tatamagouche.
§Between the years 1772 and 1774 "several French families" came from St. Malo and Morlaix to settle at the Baie-des-Chaleurs and Arichat.
§There are in Cape Breton 55 English and 71 French families which amount to around a 1,000 persons, this in addition to 230 Indians. In 1774 the numbers were broken down, as follows: 304, English; 206, Irish; and 502 French.

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