Blupete's History of Nova Scotia

Key Events in the History of Nova Scotia: 1773.

§February 8th, Mon [Liverpool]: "... The people are in poor circumstances. Everything needed is very high, their pay uncertain, the land hard and rocky, very few cattle of any kind , and they keep mostly on salt hay. It costs 40 shillings to keep a cow through the winter, and £5 to keep an ox fit to work. ..." (Perkins Diary.)
§Theatre [Halifax]: "Gentlemen of the army and the navy" were to put on two plays at Willis' [Great Pontac] for the benefit of the poor. (Gazette, April 20th, 1773.)
§September 15th: Hector arrives at Pictou. (See, "The Early Settlement of Pictou: The Hector.")
§October 6th: Francis Legge arrives at Halifax on "the brigantine Adament." On the 8th, Legge was sworn in as the governor and Michael Francklin is to continue as the lieutenant governor.
§October: Governor Campbell, having been appointed as the governor of South Carolina, returns to England for final instructions (he arrived at Charleston in June of 1775).
§December 16th: Boston Tea Party.
§December 25th, Sat: "Christmas Day. I work in the woods. No fresh provisions, so I dine on salt fish." (Perkins Diary.)

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