Blupete's History of Nova Scotia

Key Events in the History of Nova Scotia: 1779.

§March 12th, Fri: "... Sir George Collier is sailed for New York, with some Transports having 1000 troops on board." (Perkins Diary.)
§June 16th: Spain declares war on England.
§June: "General [Francis] Mclean had gone from Halifax, 12 June, with forces to Penobscot, convoyed by H.M.S. Blonde, Nautilus, North, etc., and the Americans sent an armament from Casco bay to attack them. Mclean landed at Mejebigwaduce [Castine], 16th June, with 650 soldiers. ... armed merchant ships impressed for the purpose, with a reinforcement, sailed August 22nd from Halifax to his [Mclean's] relief, but meeting with a disastrous gale, they came back to Halifax 30 August." Against these great odds, Mclean was able to hold out until Collier came up from Sandy Hook to rescue him.
§August 26th, Thu: "... It rains and blows exceeding hard in the evening." (Perkins' Diary.)
§August 27th, Fri: "Wind westerly ... part of my house in town ... is blown down, ye Herring Cove dam blown away into the pond. etc." (Perkins' Diary.)
§November 18th, Thu: "... The fleet came in about one of the Clock, past the Harbour, Sloop Howe, Brig Snake, Sloop Annapolis, Schooner Racket, all armed vessels. Brig, Capt. Tardy. Sloop General Mclean, & Schooner Capt. Brown, our vessels, except Peter Collins. All get in. ... about 2 or 3 o'clock, a constant firing of cannon is heard at Portmatoon. Suppose the fleet is engaged. The sound of the guns appears to move westward." (Perkins Diary.)
§December 10th, Fri: From the entries in Perkins diary, we see: that late in the evening that a storm blows up from the southward; and, "His Majesty's Ship North, and another ship [Helena] are cast away near Sambro. 121 souls perished in the North, only the Boatswain & 4 hands escaped, & 5 were lost in the other ship. It happened last Friday morning." (Perkins Diary.)

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