Blupete's History of Nova Scotia

Key Events in the History of Nova Scotia: 1780.

§January 29th, Saturday: "Extreme cold ... my ink has been froze the most of the day on the table near the fire." [30th] ... the frost has penetrated my cellar as to freeze the turnips, etc." (Perkins Diary.)
§January, Admiral Rodney, "the greatest of the English seaman save Nelson and Blake" defeated the Spanish fleet of Cape St. Vincent.
§The British parliament, much before any other legislative chamber in the world, passed an Act for the Gradual Abolition of Slavery.
§May 19th, Friday: At Liverpool it is "remarkable dark" (entry of the 26th) Further, (see entry of 31st) "Privateer reported at Barrington that the Friday before last was exceeding dark in New England, so that people had a candle to dine by. Those people being at sea were obliged to take their compass on to the binnacle. They say the sun was to be seen, but a thick vapour prevented the light." (Perkins' Diary.)
§June 2nd: The Gordon Riots: Newly passed law was to give Roman Catholics the same rights in England as everyone else. According to Lord George Gordon, this was but a scheme designed to put "papists" in power and make the rest, second class citizens. Gordon's speeches appealed to the average Englishman. Riots broke out in London.
§August 20th, Sunday: "There seems to be a report of an Insurrection in the City of London [Gordon Riots]. The news comes from Halifax, via Portmetway. said to be a mob of 30 thousand; that they pulled down Lord North's House; that the guards dispersed them & killed -- some say 700, others 7000. It is said to arise from something respecting the Romish religion." (Perkins' Diary.)
§In a speech to the House of Commons, Edmund Burke makes a passing comment, "What sums we incur to nurse that ill-thriven and ill-favoured brat [Nova Scotia] -- what a cost to this wittol nation!"
§Two privateers (Surprize and Delight) sail into Liverpool with 70 men aboard. They landed and apparently occupied Fort Point with the help of certain of the soldiers who were stationed there. The head people assembled the militia and Liverpool was "restored to its former situation without any blood shed." (Perkins Diary.)
§In an effort to Anglize, Old Acadia, the English changed many of the labels that had long been used, i.e., Ile St. Jean in this year was to be known thereafter as New Ireland; in 1790, it was again changed to Prince Edward Island, after the Duke of Kent.
§December 20th: War between Holland and England is declared.

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