Blupete's History of Nova Scotia

Key Events in the History of Nova Scotia: 1781.

§William Pitt, the younger, enters the House of Commons; the Tory Government of Lord North is tottering under the disasters in America.
§January 5th: The Halifax Journal founded by John Howe.
§February 5th, Monday: "A fine snow fell last night, but turns to rain, which has been the case all winter." (Perkins Diary.)
§May 23rd, Wednesday: "... I received newspapers. Lord George Gordon has had his trial & acquitted, which occasioned great joy to all ranks of people present, and illuminations at Edinburgh." (Perkins' Diary.) [A comment, which, of course, supports the proposition that there was a strong anti-Catholic feeling running in the population at large.]
§June 4th, Monday: "This being the King's birthday, the battery fired a Royal salute of 21 guns, the ship Mary fired 7 guns." (Perkins' Diary.)
§July 1st, Sunday: "I hear that there is some new fortifications going on at Halifax, on Governor's [McNab's], & some other works repairing etc." (Perkins' Diary.)
§July 9th, Monday: [The military garrison at Liverpool is called into Halifax.] "Capt. Howard & Lady, with some of the soldiers, embark in the Buckram, Mr. Cameron & some soldiers in the Liverpool, Capt. Fleaming, and get underway about the sunset, with almost all the vessels belonging to the place, for Halifax." (Perkins' Diary.)
§July 21st: A Smart action off the mouth of Spanish River between a squardron of British vessels and two French frigates of 44 guns each. The British suffered considerable losses but managed to get away putting into Halifax in a shattered condition.
§July 23rd, Monday: "I go to the sawmills in order to view the dam with some of the overseers of the River Fishery. Had Maj. Freeman and several other gentlemen to view, but did not come to any certain conclusion about a sluiceway for the salmon to go on." (Perkins' Diary.)
§July 29th, Sunday: "Doc. Morehead calls on me to inform that John Dogget has got the smallpox. He is broke out. The Justices & Overseers of the poor meet at Capt. West's to consult for the safety of the Town, and conclude to move him out to a house back in the woods, from Birch Point." (Perkins' Diary.)
§August 11th, Saturday: "... News that Liet. Governor Sir Andrew Snape Hammond is arrived from England & Liet. Governor Hughes is sailed for England ..." (Perkins' Diary.)
§August 28th, Annapolis Royal captured and plundered by American privateers.
§October 11th, Thursday: "Herrings very plenty in the harbour ... I believe near four hundred barrels were taken, but salt very scarce. ... Thet are a very fine, large schull [school] of fish & very fat. This is a great smile of Providence on the place." (Perkins' Diary.)
§Yorktown: After his unsuccessful Carolina campaign (1780-81), Gen. Charles Cornwallis (1738-1805) retreated into Virginia, fortified Yorktown, and awaited reinforcements from Sir Henry Clinton in New York. Clinton delayed, however, and the French fleet blockaded Chesapeake Bay. Generals Washington and Rochambeau rushed south with French troops. Unable to escape, Cornwallis surrendered on October 17: thereby bringing victory to the rebellious Colonies. Mahan writes: "With this disaster the hope of subduing rendered the colonies died in England. The conflict flickered through a year longer, but no serious operations were undertaken."
"Roberts arrives from Halifax. he brings a confirmation of Lord Cornwallis having surrendered with his army, and that the French fleet is sailed from Chesapeake, & says that Penobscot is to be evacuated & the troops removed to Halifax." (Perkins' Diary; entry of 19th December.)
"Snow Parker is arrived from Halifax ... he brings newspapers which have an account of the capitulation of Lord Cornwallis on the 19th of October last, 3,200 rank & file, at York Town ..." (Perkins' Diary; entry of 24th December.)

§Ratification of the Articles of Confederation places the original 13 states under the first American federal constitution.

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