Blupete's History of Nova Scotia

Key Events in the History of Nova Scotia: 1783.

§05 April 5th, Saturday: [An interpretation of a French newspaper comes into Perkins' hands] "Says the preliminaries of a general peace were signed at Paris the 21st of January, whereby the thirteen United States of America are acknowledged independent, the Spaniards to have Minorca & the two Floridas. The places captured from the French in the east Indies to be restored." (Perkins Diary.)
§May 4th, first fleet of settlers arrive at Port Roseway [Shelburne]. They had left New York on the 27th of April.
§May 5th: J. F. Des Barres' Atlantic Neptune charts of Nova Scotia advertised for sale by Thomas Freeman, Halifax.
§Land, for the purposes of building a naval hospital is given over to H. M. Dockyard.
§"The loyalists came from Boston in every vessel, and the final evacuation of New York by the British forces in 1783, brought to our town over 25,000 persons. Halifax at close of the year, was so crowded etc." [NSHS, vol. 12 (1905) p. 78.]
§September 3rd; The Paris Peace Treaty by which the hostilities between Great Britain and her colonies were brought to an end; and, by which, the United States of America was to come into her own as an independent and sovereign nation.
§September 18th, Thursday: "Capt. Hopkins with my seine halls about 100 barrels English herrings or more. We salt about 60 barrels, sell some, & give others to people for their assistance."(Perkins' Diary.)
§September 26th, Friday: "A brig came in yesterday is from Spanish River [Sydney], loaded with coals for Halifax." (Perkins' Diary.)
§October. 10th: At Fort Edward (Windsor) soldiers of the 2nd batt., 84th Regt., were disbanded and were offered free land in the present day Hants Co. A grant was made in the Rawdon and Douglas area to Col. John Small for the veterans and their families.
§November 28th, Friday: "A most terrible gale of wind." (Perkins' Diary.) [Perkins gives a vivid description of how it knocked down houses, and how high seas took away wharves and sunk vessels.]
§Richard John Uniacke elected to the House of Assembly representing the Township of Sackville.

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