Blupete's History of Nova Scotia

Key Events in the History of Nova Scotia: 1784.

§The United States adopts the dollar as its unit of account and payment, and that its division and subdivisions were to be in the decimal ratio.
§The population of Nova Scotia (which at this time included part of present day New Brunswick): "Old British inhabitants," 14,000; "Old French Acadians," 400; and "Disbanded troops and loyalists, called new inhabitants" 28,347: For a total of 42,747.
§On Council were: Richard Bulkeley, Henry Newton, Jonathon Binney, Alex. Brymer, Arthur Gould, Thos. Cochrane and Charles Morris. "... His Majesty's Council at this period of our history embraced all departments of Executive authority in the Colony. They were equally supreme in the control of town [Halifax] affairs as those of the province at large." (Akins.)
§March 25th, 1784: Parliament is dissolved.
§Pitt defeats Fox and North at the polls.
§The province of New Brunswick created.
§Cape Breton created as a separate territory with its own government under DesBarres as its Lieutenant Governor.
§Oct 15, 1784: "Preston Township granted to Theophilus Chamberlain and 163 others, chiefly Loyalists.
§November 24th, first settlers arrive at Spanish Bay, Sydney.

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