Blupete's History of Nova Scotia

Key Events in the History of Nova Scotia: 1788.

§3 Jan: [At Liverpool:] "The schooner [Dispatch] is ready to sail for Barbados, but must go to Halifax for clarence. I give Zebulon Perkins, who is going in the Dispatch, a Letter of Consignment to clear him of the press, & also a Letter of Credit for hundred dollars in case of war & he should fall into the enemy's hands & be distressed." (Perkins Diary.)
§Common grant to inhabitants of Dartmouth.
§25 Aug: "His Royal Highness, Prince William Henry, is arrived there [Halifax]." (Perkins Diary.) [This time (he was to regularly call upon Halifax) Prince William Henry (1765-1837), the future king of England, arrived in the Andromeda, arriving there on the 17th.]
§November 1st, an academy, the predecessor to King's College, Windsor, opens.
§Warren Hastings was the English governor in India and returned to England. Hastings had consolidated, out of enumerable princedoms, one country, India under English rule which was for England a vast empire. The difficulty was that there were rumours that Hastings achieved his results in a tyrannic fashion, which, of course, didn't fit the idea that the average Englishman had, on how to go about the rule of government. Hastings' approach, however, did fit the system of administration in India as Hastings had found there when he arrived to take up his duties. In 1785, Hastings was to return to England and then charges were laid. On February 13, 1788 the court was opened and the "Impeachment of Warren Hastings" was to take place; it was to grind on for seven years.

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