Blupete's History of Nova Scotia

Key Events in the History of Nova Scotia: 1787.

§The Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia draws up the Constitution for the new nation; it was to be ratified in 1788, after heated Federalist - Anti-Federalist debate.
§Charles Inglis, the loyalist cleric, is consecrated as the first colonial bishop in the Church of England.
§7 May: "I finish my return." [Perkins reports, for Liverpool: men, 283; women, 234; children, 449; for a total of 966. To this is to be added 48 black people which were counted separately. For the county, the total number of 966 increases to 1384; the black number, however, increases but by only two.]
§5 Jul: [At Liverpool:] "His Majesty's Sloop of War, the Brisk, Capt. Bullar, came in here." (Perkins Diary.)
§10 Jul: "The man of war officers had a dance last evening at Mr. McAlpines, and escorted the ladies home with drum and fife." (Perkins Diary.)
§Pegasus (28 guns), 15 days from Jamaica, under the command of Prince William Henry (1765-1837), the third son of George the IV and the King of Great Britain from 1830, is one of the British War ships which paid visits to Halifax during 1787. The Pegasus is in Halifax Harbour on June 30th, 1787, and, apparently in the area until July 13th where she makes an entry in her log, "off Mangers Beach." She came into Halifax in company: Leander, Commodore Sawyer; Ariadine, Capt. Osborne; Resource; Brig., Weazel, Commander Hood. By August part of the fleet, at least the Pegasus, is at Quebec. By October 27th, the Pegasus is back at Halifax and is there at least until 11th of November.
§30 Jul: "Governor Wentworth arrives here yesterday morning from Shelburne. ... he is Surveyor of the Kings woods." (Perkins Diary.)
§9 Sep: "The Governor's yacht [John Parr] is in the harbour." (Perkins Diary.)
§8 Nov: [At Liverpool:] "I understand there was fiddling and dancing at the wedding to the great grief of the elderly people present, who are New Lights. The present strain of preaching and exhorting, both by the New Lights & Methodists, is much against dancing, and it seems the young people, whether out of spirit of opposition or whatever it may be are more set upon diversion than usual." (Perkins Diary.)
§November 15th, Samuel Cunard is born at Halifax.
§25 Nov: "Reports that war with France is expected." (Perkins Diary.)
§December: Grant of land at Preston to T. Young and 34 others.

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