Blupete's History of Nova Scotia

Key Events in the History of Nova Scotia: 1790.

§Severe winter; at one point Halifax harbour was frozen over.
§In England, Grenville is the home secretary, in 1791 he was appointed foreign secretary, a position which he held to 1801.
§In 1790, at Halifax, there are 4,000 inhabitants and 700 houses.
§The English Parliament grants £1,000 to King's College.
§Land, for the purposes of building a careening yard is given over to H. M. Dockyard.
§The very first nation wide census is carry out in the U.S. The count was 3,929,827.
§On March 2nd, Fox introduced his motion for repealing the Corporation and Test Acts: it did not pass. These acts go back to the days of the Puritans. In 1661, the Corporation Act was passed prohibiting all those who did not belong to the Church of England from holding any municipal office; in 1673 came the Test Act which "compelled all holders of civil, naval and military office to receive Holy Communion according to the Church of England rites, and make a declaration against Transubstantiation."
§5 May: At Liverpool, Perkins writes into his diary: "I send my black girl, Mary Fowler, back to Benjamin Arnold, from whom I had her by assignment of an indenture the 4th of May, 1789. She does not suit in our family, being saucy, & used to bad language and going out at nights."
§30 May: Perkins writes: "His Majestys ship, Dido, Edward Buller, Esq., Commander, came into the harbour, and sent a boat up to examine the vessels.
§4 Jun: "A sloop of war, suppose the Ratler, comes into the harbour [Liverpool] and anchors below." (Perkins.)
§8 Jun: A number of the officers of the Ratler with Perkins and he observed, "They appear remarkably genteel and civil, no drinkers or swearers." The next day the Ratler sailed.
§July: A whaling fleet arrived at Halifax. Five vessels with their holds filled with "sperm oil" and "black oil."
§30 Jul: Perkins writes: "The sloop Rainbow, Alex Godfrey, Master, arrives from Antigua in 16 days. He sailed from here the 5th of June, went to Halifax to register the sloop, & clear out. Has been 7 weeks & 1 day from Halifax. Come to good markets, & has doubtless made a good voyage."
§3 Sept: "A small schooner belonging to Shelburne ... taken into custody for having rum & molasses on board without a permit, & retailing rum without a license." (Perkins.)
§3 Oct: "The brig Union arrives from Halifax, and reports that there is a fresh report of war being probable. The Rashlia [Rashleigh] brings it from London. They had their men pressed 7 and the pressing was going on in England." (Perkins.)
§11 Oct: "The newspapers speak much of war. The English and Spanish fleets are both at sea." (Perkins.)
§13 Oct: "Capt Beale [of the Ratler] and some of his officers on shore. Some of their men have deserted." (Perkins.)
§Burke brings out his Reflections on the French Revolution, a work that came on the streets in October or November of 1790. The book had great success, selling 30,000, a great number for the age. It set off a pamphlet war.

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