Blupete's History of Nova Scotia

Key Events in the History of Nova Scotia: 1794.

§April 25th: In Nova Scotia, a general fast.
§May: Prince Edward, The Duke of Kent arrived at Halifax, 12 days from St. Kitts, appointed commander-in-chief of the Nova Scotia military district.
§A bounty is placed on the killing of wolves.
§Nisi Prius (temporary) Courts established in the counties of Shelburne, Lunenburg, Sydney and Queen's.
§In these years, a number of warrants are issued to naval captains for impressment.
§Admiral Richard Howe's victory of "The First of June" 1794, that arose as a result of the meeting of the English and French fleets off of Brest.
§ The Duke of Kent "with a small retinue, on horseback" set out for Annapolis Royal.
§November 19th: As a result of the United States bringing their complaints about England to the table, the Jay Treaty between Britain and America was signed.
§In 1794, the American Congress established a navy.
§In England, the government declared war both on the European revolution and its sympathisers at home. The Trial of the 12 Reformers -- including Thomas Holcroft, Horne Tooke, Thomas Hardy and John Thelwall -- were brought to trial on the charge of high treason, however, amid much excitement they were acquitted.
§A simple device for separating cotton lint from seeds is patented by Eli Whitney.

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