Blupete's History of Nova Scotia

Key Events in the History of Nova Scotia: 1817.

§Civil wars (Simon Bolivar and the Latin American revolution) sweep over the Spanish New World in waves from 1812 to the early 1820s; driven by both the political theories of Rousseau and the disruptions of civil order in Spain on account of Bonaparte and the resulting peninsular wars.
§Unrest in England, with the Northern and Midland radicals causing sporadic violence and attacks on mills.
§Ricardo's, Principles of Political Economy & Taxation.
§The war against the Radical Press in England heated up; Habeas Corpus Act is suspended for a whole year as a result of the Spa Fields Riot the previous December.
§William Cobbett flees to America.
§James Monroe (1758-1831) is sworn in as President (5th) of the United States. Served from 1817 to 1825.
§The population of Nova Scotia is 94,000 and "the staples of export were fish, lumber, gypsum, and grindstones."
§In 1817, at Halifax, there are 1,200 houses.
§Another cold winter in Nova Scotia; in January Halifax Harbour is frozen over.
§January 15th, Another fire at Halifax: it "consumed the whole of Mr Ferguson's chocolate manufactory."
§Lord Dalhousie proposes the establishment of a "seminary for higher branches of education ... much wanted in Halifax, the seat of the legislature -- of justice -- of the military and mercantile." The result: Dalhousie University. Its cornerstone was laid by Dalhousie during May of 1820.
§April 18th, The first merchant ship of the season arrives at Halifax. It is Northumberland out of London.
§Alexander Keith comes from Scotland to seek his fortune.
§April 22nd, "Arrived the March Packet in 28 days from Falmouth."
§Number committed to the Bridewell, the prison at Halifax, was 124.
§June 16th, A fire at Halifax, the officer's barracks; it "raged with awful violence."
§July 29th, The mail Packet arrives, 42 days from Falmouth. It is at this time that the Dalhousies learn of their young son's death in England.
§November 5th, Princess Charlotte died.
§Halifax, An act "For the better supplying with Fresh Water"
§An annual sheep and wool market established at Inverness, Scotland.

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