Blupete's History of Nova Scotia

Key Events in the History of Nova Scotia: 1818.

§Unrest in England, with the Northern and Midland radicals causing sporadic violence and attacks on mills.
§The American flag now has 20 stars.
§The population at Halifax amounted to 11,156 souls of which 745 were black. The population of the province was about 77,000.
§Theatrical performances continue to be popular. In 1818 there were two rival theatrical companies placing their placards around town.
§In England the Institution of Civil Engineers was set up (incorporated in 1828).
§January: The lifting of the suspension of the Habeas Corpus Act.
§February: Anthony H. Holland, the publisher of the Acadia Recorder was brought to the bar of the house in custody; after apologizing he was reprimanded and dismissed. It seems that Mr. Holland's crime was that he subjected an Edward Mortimer, a member of the house, to a "jocose critique" in his paper.
§April 3rd, 1818, Lord Dalhousie departs for Bermuda; Michael Wallace administers the government in Dalhousie's absence, within the month, by May 1st, Dalhousie returns.
§A convention with the United Kingdom established the northern boundary of the Louisiana Purchase at 49 degrees north.
§General election in Britain.
§May 11th: The Tenth Assembly of the Nova Scotia Legislature, first convened in 1812, was Dissolved.
§May 18th: Election Writ issued; Returnable Oct 1st.
§On 27 May the Regent in London declared that Halifax and Saint John were to be free ports. On August 13th, at Halifax the Lieutenant-governor proclaimed it to be a free port.
§Eight American fishing vessels were seized during the summer by the navy.
§July 2nd, Forest fires are about (Porters Lake and Hammonds Plains). Lord Dalhousie reports "the fires are more and more alarming."
§July 25th: The first of Agricola's "letters" appeared in the Acadia Recorder, the 23rd and last, came out on December 26th. These letters, though inserted in the paper anonymously, were written by a Halifax citizen, John Young, with the view of improving agriculture in the province.
§Dec 15th, Agricultural Society of Nova Scotia inaugurated. Lord Dalhousie its President and John Young its Secretary.
§Dec 15th, "Arrived two days ago the long looked for Castlereagh, from London, after 77 days ... she brings the public supply for the winter, or the Fall goods ... She brings also our great supply of Books for our Garrison Library." (Dalhousie's journal.)
§Halifax: An act "For the better preservation of property, by providing a sufficient Watch at Night."
§A statute passed for the "improvement of the Halifax Common."
§An act passed "to prohibit corporate bodies issuing paper money, -- [and] an act for £15,000 in province notes, of £5, £2, and £1."
§Convention of 1818 between Britain and the United States, which, by Article I provided that Americans were to have no fishing rights off the shores of Nova Scotia and could not go into Nova Scotian ports, except "for the purpose of shelter and repairing damages therein, of purchasing wood, and of obtaining water ..."

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