Blupete's History of Nova Scotia

Key Events in the History of Nova Scotia: 1821.

§January: Ninety "Chesapeake Blacks" took up an offer of the government to transport them to Trinidad.
§January 20th: "The harbour of Halifax frozen over almost to the light house, the ice of sufficient solidity to bear sleighs, skaters, &c. and continued so for several days." The navigation was completely stopped for several weeks.
§March 26th: Kempt reports to London that "a weekly post had been established between Halifax and Sydney."
§During the April term, the Supreme Court at Halifax sentenced a person who had been convicted of forgery, "pillory, one hour -- to have one of his ears cut off, and suffer imprisonment for the space of one year."
§May: The death of Napoleon.
§Passenger service was established using a steamer between Dover and Calais, which, in favourable weather, reduced the travelling time across the channel to three or four hours.
§May 28: A census is carried out in Great Britain.
§The North West Company and the Hudson's Bay Company unite as one.
§Michael Faraday discovers electromagnetic induction.
§"The live stock imported from the United States at the port of Halifax in the year 1821, were 33 oxen, 7 young cattle, 34 pigs, 594 sheep, and 33 horses."
§Between years 1808 & 1827: The number of horses in the province went from 6,700 to 13,000; cattle, 57,000 to 110,000; sheep, 75,000 to 174,000; swine, 28,000 to 72,000.
§The coronation of George IV takes place on July 19th.
§September 22nd, major fire burns houses on Sackville Street, Halifax.
§October; 179 ex-soldiers, some of who likely had occupied the lands for a few years prior to this date, were given a grant of 26,760 acres at Dalhousie in present day Annapolis County.
§Property qualification for voting abolished in New York State. (Similar developments in other states.)
§Halifax: An act in relation to Cordwood. There were a number of legislative acts re Cordwood, through the years 1820s and 1830s.
§"The trial of the Queen, -- the coronation -- the death of queen Caroline -- the second expedition of Parry to the Polar discoveries, and the insurrections in Greece, cover the columns of our periodicals in 1821 ..."

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