Blupete's History of Nova Scotia

Key Events in the History of Nova Scotia: 1832.

§January 10th: Halifax Mechanics' Institute opened with speech by Joseph Howe.
§March 30th: Bank of Nova Scotia incorporated.
§Jeremy Bentham died.
§May 30th: Halifax receives word of the passing at London of the Reform Bill with great rejoicing. The changes brought about "formed the first breach in a time-honoured system, and that their tendency was to shift the balance of political power from the landed aristocracy to the industrial and commercial classes, which had been born of the far-reaching changes of the Industrial Revolution."
§June 25th: Board of Health established at Halifax.
§Darwin sails on the Beagle.
§Vice-Admiral, "Sir G. Cockburn" is made the commander-in-chief of the North American and West Indian station, at Halifax.
§In England, the Anatomy Act 1832 was passed which expanded the legal supply of medical cadavers for medical education.
§An Act for "regulating the Alewives Fishery" -- Barrington River
§An act "To provide against Infectious or Contagious Diseases"
§Halifax: An act "To authorize the erection of a public Slaughter House"
§Halifax: An act "To establish the limits of the Town and Penninsula"

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