Blupete's History of Nova Scotia

Key Events in the History of Nova Scotia: 1844

§Up to 1843 there was something called a non-party government. The legislature was somewhat like a large coalition, no matter the beliefs and ideas of the individuals of which it was composed. "At the election in that year [1844] Johnson and Howe emerged as leaders of two opposing parties." Johnson was slightly ahead after the election, so he was called on to form the government.
§Feb 8th: The Seventeenth Assembly of the Nova Scotia Legislature convened.
§The trial of the Saladin pirates.
§The first telegraph line in England was run between Paddington and Slough.
§At London, England, the Young Men's Christian Association was founded by George Williams.
§Halifax Water Co. incorporated by statute.
§An Act "to encourage persons engaged in the Lumber Trade ... For the regulation of the Salmon Fishery."
§The Rochdale Pioneers began Co-operative Stores in England.

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