Blupete's History of Nova Scotia

Key Events in the History of Nova Scotia: 1859.

§Apr 15th: The Twentieth Assembly of the Nova Scotia Legislature, first convened in 1856, was Dissolved.
§May 12th: Election Date.
§Liberals come into power and Joe Howe became Premier replacing James William Johnson who had been Premier since 1857. Joe Howe continued in his premiership until 1863.
§Alarm in England that France was now headed up by another Napoleon, Napoleon III, and an evasion might be launched. "The dockyards and arsenals of England were unprotected from attack; a royal commission on national defence, appointed in 1859, recommended the expenditure of £11,000,000 on coastal fortifications."
§Darwin's The Origin of the Species is published.
§In 1859, Sir Joseph Whitworth (1803-1887) "invented a gun of compressed steel, with spiral polygonal bore."
§The large gun that came in to vogue was the RBLs (rifled breach loaders). The RBLs represented a new era in ordnance technology and was to impact on Halifax to a very significant degree. "In Halifax, frequent reassessments of the defences by British military strategists were often followed by large-scale construction and reconstruction of the forts and batteries around the harbour."
§June 1st, daily mail service established between St. John and Halifax.
§September 9th, nearly all of Granville Street destroyed by fire.
§Halifax: An act to limit the erection of wooden buildings within a portion of the city.
§Halifax: An act in respect to a signal station.
§An Act "concerning Indian Reserved."

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