Blupete's History of Nova Scotia

Key Events in the History of Nova Scotia: 1860.

§January 1st: The decimal system of accounting became law in Nova Scotia. The law passed in order to provide uniform currency for Canada. The denominations were to be the dollar/cent. Pounds, shillings, and pence were no longer accepted as an alternative method of accounting.
§Jan 26th: The Twenty-First Assembly of the Nova Scotia Legislature convened.
§Steamships of wood with paddle wheels which came into being early in the century, by this year had been replaced by steel hulls with screw propulsion. Indeed, it was in this year that the British launched their first iron-hulled war ship, the Warrier. "... the transition from sail to steam, from wood to iron and shot to shell ..." "The race between ordnance and armour plate had begun."
§July 30th: Edward, Prince of Wales, later Edward VII, visits Halifax.
§August 3rd: Joe Howe became Premier of Nova Scotia.
§Lord Joseph Lister (1827-1912), the English surgeon, who, in addition to important observations on the coagulation of the blood, inflammation, etc., gave a paper to the University of Edinburgh in 1860, a lecture which was to revolutionized modern surgery: "The Effect of the Antiseptic System of Treatment on the Salubrity of a Surgical Hospital."
§In 1860 there was a breakout of Cholera. The last outbreak was in 1831, now, again, it was felt in England. This outbreak was to stir opinion. "An act of 1866 (planned before the cholera outbreak) compelled local authorities to provide sanitary inspectors, and allowed the central government to insist upon the removal of nuisances, the provision of sewers, and a good water-supply."
§Halifax: An act in respect to Drains and Sewers.
§Halifax Ice Co. incorporated by statute.
§Halifax Yacht Club Incorporated by statute.

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