Blupete's History of Nova Scotia

Key Events in the History of Nova Scotia: 1785.

§3 May: [At Liverpool:] "Yesterday I began to cut timber for the frame of a vessel [Lively; a second vessel was built by Perkins that year, the Despatch] which I have thoughts of building at Sandy Cove, Wm. Cheever, master workman. She is to be 43 foot keel, 6 foot hold, and 16 feet & some more beam, will be 44 or 45 tuns. My design is to sell her in the West Indies, if in demand, and if not, use her in the fishery next season." (Perkins Diary.)
§Loyalist Settlements at Cobequid (Westchester) and Ramshag (Wallace).
§The Big Bang of the Industrial Revolution occurs in England when, for first time, steam engines are used to power spinning machinery.
§In Halifax the Charitable Irish Society of Halifax is founded.
§March, 1785: William Cobbett, as a corporal in the British army, having come from Chatham, arrives to join his regiment at Halifax.
§Quaker Whalers arrive from Nantucket to settle at Dartmouth.
§Free Negroes arrive at Halifax and afterwards settle at Preston.
§"At a court of Admiralty held on Friday, the 25th of August, 1785, for the trial of piracies committed upon the high seas, M. Buckley and Belitham Taylor were tried, committed and sentenced to death for running away with the schooner John Miller of Chedabucto and her cargo. Two men were also hanged this year for robbery committed to the eastward of Halifax." (Akins.)
§11 Jul: [At Liverpool:] "Colo. Winkworth Tonge of Windsor comes in her [small schooner which had come in from Shelburne]. He calls to see me. He is a naval Officer, appointed sometime ago by the King. He has come around the shore from Annapolis to appoint deputy naval officers: Doc. Rice at Yarmouth, Homer at Barrington. His son he is to send to Shelburne. At this place, Doc. Edward Smith. He drinks tea with me & we have much conversation on affairs of the province. He looks upon the present House of Assembly to be unconstitutional, having set 14 or 15 years, and wishes the Country to choose members from among themselves and not in Halifax." (Perkins Diary.)
§11 Nov: [At Liverpool:] "Margaret Robertson [charged with theft] is sentenced to receive 25 stripes on her naked back, then to be committed to the House of Correction six months & pay charges of prosecution. The stripes are laid on, & she is returned to Goal." (Perkins Diary.)
§21 Nov: "The day appointed for election of one Member of Assembly for this town, the old House being dissolved & a new House to meet on Thursday, the first day of December next. ... the people were determined to choose all the members among ourselves. [Capt. Dean was] chosen for the town, having every vote present, viz: 25." (Perkins Diary.)
§Benedict Arnold (1742-1801) arrives in Halifax on his way through from England to take up residence with the loyalists at Saint John, New Brunswick.

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