Blupete's History of Nova Scotia

Key Events in the History of Nova Scotia: 1786.

§March 6, 1786: Charles Morris tables his report re his survey of lands in respect to those occupied by the Indians. This report leads to the first grant to the Indians; 500 acres at the Head of St. Margarets Bay to Chief Philip Bernard. Up to this time, it would appear all that was given to the natives was a "ticket of location or license for occupation."
§"A regular post communication was opened this summer with Annapolis; a courier was engaged, who went through once a fortnight with the mail between Halifax and Annapolis." (Akins.)
§October 10th, Prince William Henry (1765-1837) (Duke of Clarence) arrived at Halifax in the naval ship, Pegasus (28 guns). Prince William was then in the navy as the captain of the Pegasus. William was the third son of George the III and in his capacity as a naval captain was to make a number of calls on Halifax. He was to reign as the king, William the Fourth of England, "The Sailor King," for a seven year period just previous to Victoria.

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