Blupete's History of Nova Scotia

Key Events in the History of Nova Scotia: 1819.

§The political issues of the day: "The question of marriage licence to dissenters & sectarians; the annexation of Cape Breton as in 1763 to this Province, & the subdivision of the Counties of Halifax & Annapolis; and the farther confirmation of the Agricultural Societies are all objects of great interest here." (Dalhousie's Journal.)
§Feb 11th: The Eleventh Assembly of the Nova Scotia Legislature convened. It met, for the first time, at the new legislative chambers, one made of stone, Province House, which had been nine years in the building and situated at the center of the Town of Halifax.
§April 6th, first sitting of the Supreme Court at Province House.
§April 15th, Richard John Uniacke given large grant of land in Hants County.
§April 29th, Ships coming in from England in remarably quick passages. Dalhousie observed in his jornal: "One in 14 days from Portsmouth, one from London in 22 days, and one ... from Aberdeen ... in 24 days."
§May 24th, 1819, Queen Victoria is born.
§The stethoscope was invented "about 1819." A few years passed before doctors were generally using the instrument.
§Lord Bathurst requests Lord Dalhousie to reject the Marriage License Act which had been passed by the house and sent up to the Lieutenant-governor for his signature.
§July 21st, Richard Uniacke, Jr., mortally wounded William Bowie in a duel on the North Government Farm.
§July: The American steamship, Savannah, crosses the Atlantic in 26 days.
§August 9th, Robert Field, a Halifax artist (who, among others, did Sir John Wentworth) died in Jamaica.
§August 16th, "an orderly and unarmed crowed of about 60,000 men, women and children" assemble in support of universal suffrage, in St. Peter's Fields, Manchester, England. The government authorities ordered the cavalry in: "eleven persons, including two women, were killed or died of their injuries; over a hundred were wounded by sabres and several hundred more injured by horse-hoofs or crushed in the stampede." The reformers referred to this event, thereafter, as "Peterloo."
§Keats wrote Hyperion; Shelley, Promethus Unbound.
§November 11th, Naval Hospital, near the Halifax Dockyard, destroyed by fire.
§November 22nd, Lord Dalhousie sworn in as Governor General of British North America.
§Cobbitt brings Tom Paine's bones back from America to England, in his luggage!
§December 6: The State of Alabama struck a constitution.
§The Americans purchased Florida and a treaty, in 1819, is entered into with Spain.
§Halifax Insurance Co. incorporated by statute.
§December 5th, A ship sails from Halifax for England with "all the half pay officers & their families from the reduced Establishment of the Dockyard."
§December 7th, Abbe Sigogne, a Catholic missionary in the western end of the province, near Sissiboo made a "request of a tract of land of considerable extent for the Indians, to induce & enable them to settle. This is a measure I [Lord Dalhousie] have long thought advisable & I will without delay place tracts in several parts pf the Province in proper trust for this purpose."
§December 15th, State of the Province: "... 18 mills for grinding oatmeal have been created this summer, & now the whole East half of the Province uses oatmeal cake & porridge instead of fine American flour bread, with beef steaks at breakfast, dinner & supper."

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