Blupete's History of Nova Scotia

Key Events in the History of Nova Scotia: 1829.

§The British Emancipation Bill of 1829: This bill brought about the elimination of statutory provisions which had limited Catholic participation in the government of their country.
§June 9th: Work starts in earnest on the Citadel at Halifax with the arrival of detachments of the Royal Staff Corps and of the Royal Sappers and Miners from England. The work on the Citadel that created, essentially, its present form was carried out over the next 30 years. The granite and ironstone used came from the King's Quarries, northeast of Purcell's Cove. Most of the initial work, the laying of the foundations, by 1832, had to be pulled out as they had not been laid deep enough.
§Sir Robert Peel's civilian police with their truncheons, blue coats and top hats (later exchanged for helmets), made their appearance in London (Scotland Yard).
§Opening services at St. Mary's Church on Spring Garden Rd.; its corner stone had been laid in 1820.
§Rossini writes the William Tell Overture.

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