Blupete's History of Nova Scotia

Key Events in the History of Nova Scotia: 1830.

§January 1st: The Sir Charles Ogle started her runs between Halifax and Dartmouth. She was built at Dartmouth at Alexander's yard. Her keel had been laid on April 18, 1829. She was named after the admiral in charge at Halifax. The Sir Charles Ogle takes the credit of being the first steamship built in Nova Scotia. She served for 60 years being retired in 1890.
§George IV dies and William IV, the popular sailor king takes the throne.
§General election in Britain, necessitated by the king's death, took place at the end of July and the first of August. The Duke's government was swept way and Earl Charles Grey came in on a platform of "peace, retrenchment, and reform." It became Grey's task to frighten, persuade and cajole the King, the Lords and the borough-owners into giving up their power; he had only to point to the European continent.
§April 11th: The Thirteenth Assembly of the Nova Scotia Legislature, first convened in 1826, was Dissolved.
§Aug 25th: Election Writ issued; Returnable Nov 8th.
§The election in Nova Scotia in 1830, known as "The Brandy Election," has been marked as "the beginning of the end for the oligarchy in post-Loyalist Nova Scotia." (Cuthbertson.)
§French Revolution of 1830. (See write up in connection with blupete's biography of Frederic Bastiat.)
§During the autumn of 1830 there was unrest in the agricultural districts of southern England. Rumours were running on account of the trouble in France. And while it did not appear to be an organized plot, the English authorities sent a special commission to resolve matters. Of the trouble makers, nine men were hung and close to 450 men transported.
§Wm. Cobbett and Richard Carlile put on trial for articles in the Press. Cobbett was acquitted.
§Tennyson publishes his first volume of verse in 1830.
§Samuel Morse, a Massachusetts portrait painter, devised a workable code.
§The Liverpool and Manchester Railway was opened.
§The opening of the first 13 miles of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad inaugurates railroad passenger travel in the United States.
§Charles Lyell's book, Principles of Geology; or Modern Changes of the Earth and Its Inhabitants was published.

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