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Eaton, Arthur Wentworth (1849-1937): § (See memoriam NSHS, Vol. #24 (1938), p. xv.)
  • The History of Kings County (Salem Press, Mass.: Salem Press Co., 1910). § This work of Eaton's gives "a sketch of the French and their expulsion; and a history of the New England planters that came in their stead. With many genealogies." (Salem Press, Mass: Salem Press, 1910.)
  • Rhode Island Settlers on the French Lands; Three articles from the Americana Magazine; (Author, 1915).
  • Chapters in the History of Halifax; Sixteen articles from the Americana Magazine, including the Founding of Halifax, The Halifax Explosion of 1917; (Author, c.1921).

    Edwards, Joseph Plimsoll (1857-1930): § Edwards was, in his time, the President Nova Scotia Historical Society.
  • The Public Records of Nova Scotia (Halifax: King's Printer, 1920). § A Brief Sketch of the "splendid collection of the manuscript records and documents which to a large extent governed the establishment and the carrying on of British Government in this Province," including "Minutes of the Executive Council, 1749-1846," "Grant Books," "Lists of vessels arriving at Halifax, etc., 1778-1820," "Acadian French, 1714-1755," "Removal of the Acadian French from Nova Scotia, 1755-1768," "Papers relating to French Encroachments in Nova Scotia 1749-1754, and to the War in North America, 1754-1761," "Papers relating to the first Settlement of Halifax," "Correspondence of Governor Wentworth when Governor at New Hampshire, 1767-1778," "Letters of Sir Jeffrey Amherst," "Papers relating to the War of 1812," "Original papers connected with the Settlement of Halifax; the Alloting Book; names of residents in 1752; and other matters of a similar nature dealing with the first years of the life of this city," "Papers relating to the American Revolution and of concurrent troubles in Nova Scotia," "Copy of manuscript journal of Col. John Winslow, and of the removal of the Acadians in 1755," etc. etc.;

    Ells, Margaret: § Ms. Ells was with with PANS; she wrote under the nom de plume, "Inigo."
  • A Calendar of Official Correspondence and Legislative Papers Nova Scotia, 1802-1815; Compiled by Ells; Pub. #3 (Halifax: PANS, 1936). § The gist and/or summary of important governmental documents of this period is set out by Ells.
  • A Study of Early Provincial Taxation; Bulletin Vol. I, No. 2 (Halifax: PANS, 1937).
  • See Rawlyk's Historical Essays on the Atlantic Provinces, where a contribution by Ells is made, "Loyalist Attitudes."

    Emmerson, Frank:
  • Scots (of the Maritimes); (Tantallon: Four East Publications, 1989).

    Erskine, John S.:
  • The French Period in Nova Scotia, 1500-1758; (Wolfville: by the author, 1975). § On the ground remains of the Acadian culture as might be found at Port Royal, Beaubassin, Minas, Canard, Piziquid, Cobequid, The North Shore Settlements, The Fishing settlements, and Cape Breton.

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