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Lanctot, Gustave (b.1883): § Keeper of the Public Records:
  • Public Archives (Ottawa) Report (1946) (Ottawa: King's Printer, 1947). § Containing: a 5 p. article (at the front), being an extraction from a contemporary journal of a visitor to Halifax in 1793; "Nova Scotia State Papers from 1603-1867"; Official Correspondence (1603-1867); Minutes of the Executive Council (1720-1785) and Journals of the Legislative Council (1758-1800).
  • Canada & the American Revolution (Clarke, Irwin & Co., 1967).
  • A History of Canada: 1600-1763 in three vols.

    Lawrence, Charles (1709-60):
  • Journal and Letters of Colonel Charles Lawrence; intro. by Harvey; (Halifax: PANS, Bulletin #10, 1953).

    Lawrence, W. D.:
  • W. D. Lawrence: The Man and the Ship; by David E. Stephens; (Hantsport: Lancelot Press, 1994).

    Lawson, Mrs William (1828-90): § Mrs Lawson was the former Mary Jane Katzman. For more on Katzman see NSHQ#5:3, p. 231.
  • History of the Townships of Dartmouth, Preston and Lawrencetown; Halifax County, N.S.; (Belleville: Mika, 1972).

    Leacock, Stephen (1869-1944):
  • See 32 volume series Chronicles of Canada under Wrong (Ed.) for Stephen Leacock's contributions: The Dawn of Canadian History (#1), The Mariner of St Malo (#2), Adventures of the Far North (#20).
  • Canada's War at Sea; (Montreal: Beatty, 1944); Photos; HMCS Niobe, HMCS Rainbow, WWII; Two vols. in one book; 1st vol. by Leacock (66 pp.), 2nd vol. by Leslie Roberts (155 pp.).

    Leefe, John (1942- ): § Leefe is a high school teacher and a past President of the Queens County Historical Society.
  • The Atlantic Privateers (Halifax: Petheric Press, 1978). § Liverpool Packet and Capt. Joseph Barss.

    Léger, Yvon (1913- ): § Léger was born at Moncton, New Brunswick.
  • L'Acadie De Mes Ancêtres (Montreal: Alternative, 1987); SC; 57 pp. § This work is a genealogy of the Léger family. It appears to be a well documented work (so many genealogies are not) containing numerous side references to other Acadian families, including, of course, the Landrys.

    Lescarbot, Marc (1570-1629+): § The first historian of Acadia.
  • Nova Francia: A Description of Acadia, 1606; H. P. Biggar, ed. (London: Harper & Brs., 1928). § Erondelle's trs. of 1609.

    Little, Commander C. H. (RCN):
  • Despatches of Rear-Admiral Sir Charles Hardy; 1757-1758 and Vice-Admiral Francis Holburne 1757 (Halifax: Occasional paper #2of the Maritime Museum of Canada, June, 1958). § "There is a wealth of detail that will be of the greatest value to historians of the 18th Century ... These despatches throw a great deal of light on the planned expedition of 1757 and on the background for the successful expedition of 1758."
  • Despatches of Rear-Admiral Philip Durell; 1758-1759 and Rear-Admiral Lord Colville 1759-1761 (Halifax: Occasional paper #4 of the Maritime Museum of Canada, 1958). § Short military bios. of both and also of Rear-Admiral Charles Holmes. Both Durell and Colville were under Boscowan during the siege of Louisbourg in 1758.
  • The Battle of the Restigouche (Halifax: Occasional paper #10 of the Maritime Museum of Canada, 1962). § This small pamphlet sets forth the story of the last naval battle between France and Britain. First set forth in French by Gustave Lanctot (as Little puts it), "It describes clearly and fairly the voyages of the last French convoy to Canada and its defeat on the Restigouche."

    Livingston, W. Ross: § Livingston, a university professor, had an interest in the British Commonwealth of Nations. The Carnegie Foundation supported him and his studies.
  • Responsible Government in Nova Scotia; (University of Iowa, vol. IX, No. 1 of a series in the Social Sciences, April 1st, 1930).

    Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth (1807-1882):
  • Poetical Works; (London: Collins, nd). § Includes "Evangeline."

    Longstreth, T. Morris:
  • To Nova Scotia the Sunrise Province (Toronto: The Ryerson Press, 1935). § Illustrations by Wallace R. MacAskill (1893-1956); Bibliography and Index present in my ed. (1935), missing in the 1947 ed.

    Lynch, Thomas G.: § Lynch was born in Halifax and resides (resided?) at Dartmouth. He was both in the Canadian Navy and the Canadian Coast Guard. By 1984 he had written at least "three books and numerous articles." One of these books would have been Gunshield Graffiti: Unofficial Badges (ship) of the Canada's Navy (Nimbus, 1984) (See also his short article in NSHR, 5:1(1985) & book review, p.113.)
  • Fading Memories: Canadian Sailors and the Battle of the Atlantic; (Halifax: The Atlantic Chief & Petty Officers Association, 1993).

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