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MacAskill, Wallace R.:
  • Lure of the Sea; Forward by Thomas H. Raddall (Halifax: Eastern Photo Engravers, 1951).

    Macdonald, Charles Ochiltree:
  • The Last Siege of Louisbourg; (London: Printed for the Author by Cassell & Co., 1907).

    MacDonald, Gordon:
  • The Highlander of Waipu (Dunedin: Coulls Somerville Wilkie, ltd. ed [500] 1928). § While this is the story, which occured during the middle of the 19th century, of the further Scottish immigration to New Zealand from Cape Breton; the first 25 pages, or so, is a useful sketch of Scottish history and the rise of conditions which drove the Scottish to come to Nova Scotia, in the first place (On the subject of the immigration of these Cape Bretoners to New Zealand, see the article written by Mr. Justice L. D. Currie, "The Emigrants of St. Ann's" to be found in vol. 38 (1973), p. 113, of the NSHS.

    MacDonald, M. A.:
  • Fortune & La Tour: The Civil War in Acadia (Toronto: Methuen, 1983).

    MacDougall, John L.:
  • History of Inverness County; (Truro: News Pub. Co., 1922).

    Mackenzie, Alexander:
  • Stories of the Highland Clearances; (Glasgow: Langsyne, 1986); pp. 118.

    Mackay, Donald:
  • Scotland farewell: The People of the Hector (Toronto: McGraw-Hill, 1980).

    MacLennan, Hugh (1907- ): § MacLennan's father started out as a company doctor in the colliery district of Cape Breton, but, having been wounded at the beginning of WWI and just after returning from overseas, took up residence at Halifax. MacLennan was educated at Dalhousie and Oxford (Rhodes scholar '32); he taught at Princeton for awhile, but he eventually ended up at Lower Canada College, Montreal.
  • Barometer Rising (New York: Duell, Sloan & Pearce, 3rd Printing, 1941). § The story of the Halifax Explosion, 1917; MacLennan & his family had lived through it.
  • Scotchman's Return; A book of essays; (Toronto: MacMillan, 1960).

    MacLeod, Callum: Instructor at Gaelic College, St. Ann's, Cape Breton.
  • Gaelic Lessons Made Easy for Beginners; (Glace Bay, N. S.: Brodie Printing, 1949); a 10 p. pamphlet.

    MacMechan, Archibald McKellar (1862-1933): § MacMechan, born in Kitchener, Ontario, obtained his doctorate from Johns Hopkins and accepted a position at Dalhousie University at Halifax in the department of English Language and Literature, and continued on in that capacity up to shortly before his death. He was the president of the Nova Scotia Historical Society 1907-10. (See NSHS., Vol. #22, p. xxix.)
  • Nova Scotia: General History, 1713-1775 (Toronto: Publishers' Association of Canada, 1913-14). § This is a volume in the 23 volume series Canada and Its Provinces.
  • Nova Scotia: General History, 1775-1867 (Toronto: Publishers' Association of Canada, 1913-14). § This is a volume in the Canada and Its Provinces series.
  • Nova Scotia: Political History, 1867-1912 (Toronto: Publishers' Association of Canada, 1913-14). § This is a volume in the Canada and Its Provinces series.
  • A Calendar of Two Letter-books and One Commission-book in the Possession of the Government of Nova Scotia, 1713-41; MacMechan, ed.; (Halifax: Herald Printing House, 1900).
  • Original Minutes of His Majesty's Council at Annapolis Royal, 1720-1739; MacMechan, ed.; (Halifax: McAlpine, 1908).
  • Three Sea Songs; Nova Scotia Chap-Books (No. 1); "Published for the author by H. H. Marshall at his shop over against the Province House in Halifax."; a 10 p. pamphlet. § The Ballad of "The Rover', The Ballad of "The Tribune", and Off Coronel.
  • The Nova Scotia-ness of Nova Scotia; Nova Scotia Chap-Books, No. 2, 1921; a 13 p. pamphlet.
  • Twelve Profitable Sonnets; Nova Scotia Chap-Books, No. 14, 1920; a 14 p. pamphlet.
  • The Memorial Tower; Nova Scotia Chap-Books, No. 4, 1922; a 13 p. pamphlet.
  • Province House; Nova Scotia Chap-Books (No. 2, 1927) "Published for the author by Royal Print & Litho at Halifax"; a 9 p. pamphlet.
  • The Winning of Popular Government. § This is volume #27 in the 32 volume series Chronicles of Canada, Wrong, Ed.
  • Storied Halifax; Nova Scotia Chap-Books (No. 3, 1922) "Published for the author by T. C. Allen & Co. at Halifax"; a 9 p. pamphlet.
  • The Orchards of Ultima Thule; Nova Scotia Chap-Books (No. 5, n.d.) § "Published for the author by H. H. Marshall at his shop over against the Province House in Halifax (Nova Print)"; a 13 p. pamphlet.
  • The Log of a Halifax Privateer; Nova Scotia Chap-Books (No. 6, 1920). § "Published for the author by T. C. Allen & Co. at Halifax."; a 21 p. pamphlet.
  • Old Province Tales (Toronto: McClelland & Stewart, 1924). § Witherspoon's journal, the sinking of the Tribune, the Shannon and the Chesapeake at Halifax, violence on the Saladine, the Lennie and the Caswell, the Privateers, etc.
  • The Book of the Ultima Thule (Toronto: McClelland & Stewart, 1927) § Vignettes of Nova Scotia scenes with touches of historical background; mostly, it would appear, about the French and the Indians in early Nova Scotia.
  • Sagas of the Sea (London: Dent & Sons, 1929). § Ensign Prenties and the ship wreak of the St. Lawrence [1780]; Jordon the Pirate and the Three Sisters [1809]; The Sack of Lunenburg [1782]; The Teazer Light [1813]; H.M.S. Atalante [1813]; The Schooner Industry [1868]; Captain MacArthur and the Milton [1879]; Able Seaman Rufus Parks and the Hilda Maude [1891]; and The Grilse [1916].)
  • The Centenary of Haliburton's "Nova Scotia"; (Halifax: by Author, 1930).
  • The Halifax Disaster (Explosion) (McGraw-Hill, 1978). § This is the official history written by MacMechan; the authorities set him to the task and he actually had an office, "Halifax Disaster Record Office" and MacMechan was charged with gathering up all the records. At the conclusion of his work, as the record gatherer and preserver, MacMechan wrote his account, a work, "specially congenial -- history at its sources." The book itself is relatively recent and is set with MacMechan's history together with documents and pictures compiled and edited by Graham Metson.
  • Red Snow on Grand Pre (Toronto: McClelland & Stewart, 1931). § Noble's force at Grand Pre from the French point of view; also about Casteel and Captain William Pote.
  • Late Harvest (Toronto: Ryerson Press, 1934). § Sea Songs and Sonnets, including ballads about the Rover and the Tribune.
  • Tales of the Sea (Toronto: McClelland & Stewart, 1947). § Foreword by Thomas H. Raddall; the Rover, the Saladin Pirates, the Teazer, etc.
  • Archibald MacMechan: Canadian Man of Letters; bio. by Janet E. Baker; contains an extensive bibliography of MacMechan's work (Lockport, Nova Scotia: Roseway Publishing, 2000).

    MacMillan, Cyrus:
  • Glooscap's Country; (Toronto: Oxford University Press, 1955).

    MacMullen, John:
  • The History of Canada; BNA Act; (Brockville: McMullen, 2nd ed., 1868).

    MacNeil, Neil:
  • The Highland Heart in Nova Scotia; Scots in Cape Breton, particularly the MacNeils and MacLeans; (Toronto: Reg. Saunders, 1958).

    MacNutt, Dean W. S.: § Of the University of New Brunswick.
  • The Atlantic Provinces, the Emergence of Colonial Society, 1712-1857 (Toronto: McClelland & Stewart, 1968). § With Notes & Bibliography.

    Marble, Allan Everett: § Marble, a graduate of Dalhousie, has interests in genealogy and in history.
  • A Catalogue of Published Genealogies of Nova Scotia Families (1979); (Halifax: Genealogical Association, 2nd ed., 1984).
  • Nova Scotians at Home and Abroad (Winsor: Lancelot Press, 1989).
  • Deaths, Burials, and Probate of Nova Scotia, 1749-1799, From Primary Sources (Halifax: Genealogical Association of Nova Scotia, Pub. #14, 2 vols., 1990).

    March, William DesBarres (1930- ):
  • Red Line: The Chronicle-Herald, The Mail Star: 1875-1954 (Halifax: 1986).

    Marshall, John George (1786-1880): § Born at Country Harbour, Marshall was called to the bar of Nova Scotia in 1810. From 1811 to 1823 he represented Sydney (Antigonish County) in the legislature. From 1823 to 1841 he was the Chief Justice of the Courts of Common Pleas, and President of the Sessions in the Island of Cape Breton."
  • The Justice of the Peace, and County & Township Officer (1832) (Halifax: Gossip and Coade, 2nd ed., 1846).

    Martell, James Stuart (1912-46): § Joining the staff of the provincial archives in 1935, Martell was appointed Assistant Provincial Archivist in 1943. [See note at page xii, NSHS., vol #27 (1947).]
  • Government House; Vol. I, No. #4; (Halifax: PANS, 1939); grey cardboard cover, a 17 p. pamphlet.
  • From Central Board to Secretary of Agriculture, 1826-1885; Bulletin Vol. II, No. 3 (Halifax: PANS, 1940); 30 pp. pamphlet.
  • The Romance of Government House (1939); (N.S. Gov't. Pub., 1986); a 26 p. pamphlet.
  • The Achievements of Agricola and the Agricultural Societies, 1812-25; Bulletin, Vol. II, No. #2; (Halifax: PANS, 1940).
  • Provincial Finance and Currency, 1812-36; (Halifax: PANS, Bulletin, Vol. II, No. #4, 1941); a 73 p. pamphlet.
  • Immigration To And Emigration From Nova Scotia: 1815-1838; Harvey observed in his preface that there is an absence of specific returns of immigrants ..." Then Martell, at p.7: "Unlike many of the Pre-Loyalists and all or nearly all the Loyalists, the immigrants after 1815 who came to Nova Scotia from the British Isles were not, with a few exceptions, transported at the expense of the Imperial or Provincial government, land companies, or interested individuals. They received no implements or utensils to start them off, no regular rations to carry them over the first hard year or more, and no land laid out free of charge. Even the Scots who had arrived at the end of the eighteenth century and during and shortly after the Peace of Amiens, while obliged to pay for their passage and to fend for themselves in the uncleared forests on the Gulf shore ..." (Halifax: PANS, Publication No. #6, 1941).
  • See articles by Martell in The Dalhousie Review: "Early parliamentary reporting in Nova Scotia 1817 - 1837," Vol. 10; "Halifax during and after the war of 1812," Vol. 5; "Second expulsion of the Acadians," Vol. 5; "Intercolonial communications," Vol. 9; "The press of the Maritime Provinces in the 1830s," Vol. 10; "Review of 'Neutral Yankees' by J.B. Brebner," Vol. 28; and, "St. Ives," Vol. 28.

    Martin, John Patrick: Retired high school teacher.
  • The Story of Dartmouth; (Dartmouth: Privately Printed, 1957.) This book has been reprinted both in 1965 and 1981.
  • "Our Storied Harbor; (1746, D'Anville's fleet); (Halifax: McCurdy Print, 1948); a 28 p. pamphlet.

    Mascarene, Jean Paul (1684-1760): § A fondly remembered governor of English Nova Scotia who came with the troops to take Port Royal in 1710 and continued his connections with the province until his death. In 1739 he was to become governor of Nova Scotia and continued in that capacity until 1749.
  • Mascarene of Annapolis Royal; by V. P. Seary; (Toronto: Ryerson Press, 1930); a 28 pp. pamphlet.
  • See Brebner's "Paul Mascarene of Annapolis Royal."

    Mason, Frances Norton:
  • John Norton & Sons: Merchants of London and Virginia, Being the Papers from their Counting House for the years 1750 to 1795 (1937); as edited by... (New York: Kelley, 1968). § This work gives a "conspectus of the trade conditions that obtained at that time against the background of the American revolution, it demonstrates also the difficulties that a primitive economy put in the way of trade generally -- particularly the lack of a proper currency in the colonies at that period").

    Maxwell, John:
  • The 'Mary Celeste' (1979); (London: Jonathan Cape, 1979).

    McLeod, A. J.:
  • The Notary of Grand Pre: A Historic Tale of Acadia (Boston: Published privately, 1901). § The central character apparently existed (Notary LeBlanc) and played a significant role at the time (1755) when the Acadians were "expelled" from their lands, the author describes his work as "a digest of legendary lore as related by descendants of the French Acadians and Micmac Indians ... as to times, places and historic events, it is substantially accurate ... [all being] fancifully narrated;

    McLeod, Grace Dean.:
  • Stories The Land of Evangeline; (Boston: Lothrop, 1893) (Reprinted by McClelland & Stewart, 1923.)

    McLennan, John Stewart (1853-1939): § Graduating from McGill in 1874, McLennan completed his studies at Cambridge. While starting out with his father in the grain business at Montreal, he relocated to Cape Breton during the 1880s. In 1916 McLennan was named to the senate.
  • Louisbourg; (London: MacMillan & CO., 1918).
  • A Notable Ruin -- Louisbourg; a 26 pp. pamphlet published by the N. S. Historical Society, 1909.

    Miller, John C.:
  • Origins of the American Revolution; (Boston: Little & Brown, 1943).

    Miller, Thomas:
  • Historical and Genealogical Record of Colchester County; Facsimile of the the Halifax ed. by MacKinlay, 1873; (Belleville: Mika, 1972). § I have taken a look at this work and have concluded, as a historical work, it is of no importance, indeed, it is harmful. The first chapter on the Acadians, for example, is completely erroneous: the English soldiers, it is clear, did not round up the Acadians at Cobequid at a church (as was done at Grand Pré) and most certainly not in 1775. However, if you can trace your ancestry back to the Millers of Colchester, then this book might prove to be genealogically interesting.

    Moore, Christopher: § Moore received an M.A. from the University of Ottawa; he was, for a period of time, a staff historian at Louisbourg; he has contributed to DCB.
  • Louisbourg Portraits (Toronto: Macmillan, 1982). This work won for Mr. Moore the Governor-General's Award.

    Moorsom, Captain W. (1804-63):
  • Letters from Nova Scotia (London: Colburn & Bently, 1830).

    More, James F.:
  • History of Queens County (Halifax: N.S. Print, 1873) & (Mika reprint, 1972). § Cape Sable Indians; Education; Courts of Justice; Whale fishing; Privateering; Sylvanus Cobb, Joseph Freeman, Simeon Perkins, Joseph Barss, Enos Collins, Alexander Godfrey, et al. Includes a two page history of Magdalen Islands.

    Morgan, William:
  • Sketches of Celebrated Canadians (Quebec: Hunter, Rose, 1862).§ Amherst, Barclay, Bouchette, Charlevoix, Conchran, Donnacona, Garneau, Kane, MacNab, Maisonneuve, Montcalm, Uniacke, Wolfe, etc.

    Morley, William:
  • The Atlantic Provinces; A bibliography of the histories of the Atlantic provinces; (University of Toronto Press, 1967).

    Morrison, James H.:
  • Wave to Whispers: British Military Communications in Halifax and the Empire, 1780-1880 (Ottawa: Government of Canada, 1982). § Duke of Kent; Signals; Communications Chronology (Date List); Bibliography.

    Morse, William Inglis (1874-1952): § Morse was born in Paradise, Nova Scotia. He was an Episcopalian minister. In Acadiensia Nova we see Morse described as a "member of the New England Historic Genealogical Society, of the Society of Colonial Wars in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, of the Nova Scotia Historical Society, of the Historical Association of Annapolis Royal, and of the Canadian Historical Association."
  • Gravestones of Acadie and other Essays on Local History, Genealogy, and Parish records of Annapolis county, Nova Scotia (London: Smith & Co., 1929, ltd. ed. 189/500). § The first part deals with gravestones (with photos by the author), however, the book is eclectic, and among the inclusions (pp. 40-78) are to be found the records of the various English parishes, also will be found an English translation (pp. 82-88) of Denys' (c.1660) note on Acadia.
  • The Land Of The New Adventure: The Georgian Era in Nova Scotia (London: Bernard Quaritch, 1932, limited ed. 147/350). § Fully half of the book, all together in back, are plates of Georgian structures, including: Government House, Mt. Uniacke, Borden House (Grand Pré), Tuzo House (Horton, near Grand Pré), Hardwick House (near Annapolis Royal), Prescott House (Cornwallis); numerous churches throughout N. S.; tombstones at Halifax, Shelburne, Lunenburg, Annapolis Royal, etc.; Scenes: Blomidon, North-West Arm, & others by John Elliott Woolford, also by H. Pooley; folding map of N. S. in pocket at back locating Churches, Houses and local Cemeteries.
  • Acadiensia Nova (1598-1779) (London: Bernard Quaritch, 1935, limited ed. 258/375). § Expertly collected, edited and presented by Dr. Morse; includes an account of de Meulles' voyage to Acadia, the census of 1687, the sojourn of Gargas (1687), Saccardy's letter relating to Acadia (1690), the "Utility of Nova Scotia" by Des Barres (1779); MAPS: Gastaldi (c.1556), Lalanne (1684), Franguelin-Meules (1686), Paquine (1701), Delabat (1710), Maine (c.1740) and Couagne (1749); together with Bibliography.
  • Pierre du Gua, Sieur de Monts (London: Bernard Quaritch, 1939, limited ed. 39/255).

    Murdoch, Beamish (c.1800-1876): § Though a lawyer, Murdoch's reputation came about as a result of his research and writing abilities. He "was a voluminous contributor to the provincial newspapers and the Acadia Magazine," a periodical that dates back to around 1826. "His style was easy, flowing and chaste." In 1832 he had published Epitome of the Laws of Nova Scotia; it consisted of four volumes. "His best and most voluminous work was the History of Nova Scotia." Hannay thought Murdoch's "History of Nova Scotia is a wonderful monument of industry and research ..." Called to the bar in 1822, Murdoch was elected to the legislature in 1826 (defeated in 1830.) In his later years he spent most of his time on literature. He died at Lunenburg. (See NSHS, Vol #19 (1918) at p. 129 [portrait as f.p.]; also, see See Harvey's "History and Its Uses in Pre-confederation Nova Scotia."
  • History of Nova Scotia; in 3 Vols. (Halifax: James Barnes, 1865). § This is one of three major histories that have been written on Nova Scotia. The other were written by Haliburton and Allison.
  • Epitome of the Laws of Nova Scotia; "... in humble imitation of the Commentaries of Blackstone" (Preface); (Halifax: Joseph Howe, 1832-33).

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