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Dawson, Joan: § Dawson, as of 1989, taught at the School of Journalism, University of Kings College, Halifax.
  • The Mapmaker's Eye; Early maps of Nova Scotia (Halifax: Nimbus, 1988). § See also under DesBarres, Ganong, Gilroy and Volpi: and see a Catalogue of the Maps in the Collection of the Geographic Board, (Ottawa: January, 1949); and the Canadian (federal) Archives, Report, vol. II, "List of Maps at the Record Office," (Ottawa: 1922).

    Dawson, Samuel Edward:
  • The Saint Lawrence Basin and Its Border-lands Being the Story of Their Discovery, Exploration and Occupation (London: Lawrence & Bullen, 1905). § Ills. & maps; Cabots, La Cosa, Verrazano, Gomez, Cartier, Champlain, etc.;

    De Forest, Louis Effingham:
  • Louisbourg Journals (New York: The Society of Colonial Wars, 1932).

    D'Entremont, H. Leander:
  • The Forts of Cape Sable of the Seventeenth Century (Yarmouth, N.S.: R. H. Davis, 1938).

    DesBarres, Joseph Frederick Wallet (1721-1824):
  • Uncommon Obdurate: The Several Public Careers of J. F. W. DesBarres; by G. N. D. Evans; (University of Toronto Press, 1969).
  • See also Webster's article on Desbarres in the publications of the Royal Society of Canada, of which I have a reprint (Ottawa, 1927.)
  • See also Webster's 1933 work, The Life of Joseph Frederick Wallet Desbarres.
  • See also articles on DesBarres in the Nova Scotia Historical Review (NSHR) Vol. 5, No. 2; Vol. 6, No. 2; & Vol. 14, No. 2.
  • See also Will R. Bird's An Earl Must Have A Wife.

    DesBrisay, Mather Byles (1828-96): § DesBrisay was a county court judge and a member of the Historical Society of Nova Scotia.
  • History of the County of Lunenburg (1870); (Toronto: Wm. Biggs, 1895).

    Denys, Nicolas (1598-1688):
  • The Description and Natural History of the Coasts of North America § This work was originally published at Paris in 1672. Reprinted by The Champlain Society, Publication No. 2.

    Dièreville: § Not much is known about Dièreville: he was a French surgeon who, coming to Port Royal in 1699, stayed for a year; once back home, in a curious mixture of prose and verse, Dièreville wrote of his experiences: recounting his journeys and experiences; describing the local flora and fauna, the state of the beaver trade, and of the native habitants and their customs.
  • Dièreville: Port Royal; Reprinted by The Champlain Society, Publication No. 20, 1933.

    Doughty, Sir Arthur G.:(1860-1936): § Doughty was the Dominion Archivist at the early part of the 1900s.
  • The Acadian Exiles (Toronto: Glasgow, Brook & Co., 1916). § This volume, one (#9) of a 32 volume series, Chronicles of Canada, was thought to be by Brebner the best short history of the Acadian people in English.
  • The Constitutional History of Canada (Ottawa: The King's Printer, 1918), in 2 vols. § This is a compilation, by Doughty and Adam Shortt, of the documents of a constitutional importance from the fall of Quebec to the Constitutional Act of 1791. Included: The Articles of Capitulation, Quebec (1759), The Articles of Capitulation, Montreal (1760), The treaty of Paris (1763), The Quebec Act (1774) and Treaty of Paris (1783),

    Douglas, William (c1691-1752):
  • Present State of the the British Settlements; (Boston: Rogersd & Fowle, c.1750)

    Doull, John (1878-69): § Member of the Nova Scotian legislature for Pictou County (1925-33), Doull was to become the Attorney General for Nova Scotia, 1931-33. In 1933, Justice Doull was to become a Judge of the Supreme Court, 1933-61.
  • Sketches of Attorney Generals of Nova Scotia: 1750-1926 (Halifax: Author, 1964). § Little, Nesbitt, Brenton, Gibbons, Blowers, Uniacke, Archibald, Johnston, Young, Johnstone, Henry, Blanchard, Wilkins, Smith, McDonald, Weeks, White, Thompson, White, Longley, Drysdale, Pipes, McLean, Daniels, O'Hearn, Douglas, Hall, et al.

    Dow, Leslie Smith:
  • Adèle Hugo - La Misérable (Fredericton, N.B.: Goose Lane, 1993). § Adèle was the daughter of the famous French novelist, Victor Hugo (1802-85); the love sick Adèle lived in Halifax during the 1860s.

    Downey, Fairfax:
  • Louisbourg: Key to a Continent; (Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Prentice Hall, 1965).

    Duncanson, John Victor (1918-1999): § Born in Windsor, Duncanson graduated from Queen's and after being in the military service during WWII held the position as a Labour Relations officer in Alberta, New Brunswick, Ontario and Quebec. Duncanson has won a number of awards because of his contributions to the heritage of Nova Scotia.
  • Falmouth - A New England Township in Nova Scotia (1965) (Belleville: Mika, 1990). § Contains genealogical material.
  • Newport, Nova Scotia: A Rhode Island Township (1989) (Belleville: Mika, 1985). § Contains genealogical material; Map reconstructing the Hallyburton survey, 1775, is tipped in at the back with the names of all the grantees thereon.
  • Rawdon and Douglas: Two Loyalist Townships in Nova Scotia (1989) (Belleville: Mika, 1989). § Contains genealogical material.

    Dunn, Charles W. (1915- ): § Dunn is a graduate of the English Department at Harvard.
  • Highland Settler: A Portrait of the Scottish Gael in Nova Scotia; (University of Toronto, 1953).

    Durham, Lord (1792-1840):
  • Lord Durham; by Chester W. New (Oxford University Press, 1929). § Plate of Durham tipped in as fp.
  • Lord Durham's Report (New York: Kelley, 1970); 3 vols. § This is a reprint of Oxford University Press' 1912 ed.
  • If working in this area, Canadian federation, check as a follow up, James Young's Public Men and Public Life (1902).

  • Maritime Dykelands: The 350 Year Struggle (Government of Nova Scotia, Dept. of Agriculture, 1987). § Includes Acadian dyke building and tables with estimates of Acadian population levels of 1750.

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