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  • Bank of Nova Scotia, The History of ...: 1832-1900 (Halifax: n.d.).
  • Bank of Nova Scotia, The history of ...: 1832-1932 (Halifax: n.d).
  • The Royal Bank of Canada; Its history on its 50th Anniversary (1869-1919) (Montreal: Royal Bank, 1920). § Lovely old photogravures tipped in [tin plate(?) on rag with plate-marks] of the original bankers and of the old bank buildings in which these bankers worked.

    Baker, Raymond F.:
  • A Campaign of Amateurs: The Siege of Louisbourg, 1745; Ills.; As contained in Occasional Papers in Archaeology and History, No. 18, pp. 5-57; (Ottawa: 1978).

    Barnes, Major R. Money:
  • The Uniforms & History of the Scottish Regiments ... written in collaboration with C. Kennedy Allen. (London: Seeley Service & Co., 1956). § This work covers the regiments world wide, and, through the centuries, from the 17th through to the 20th; it has, however, chapters which would be of considerable interest to the Nova Scotian historian, including: (Ch. III) 1755-83, Marlborough's Battles, The Union, The Black Watch, & Fontenoy; (Ch. XIV) The pipes; and (Ch. III) Uniforms of the Scottish regiments.); Numerous Ills and 12 coloured plates.

    Barss, Peter:
  • Older Ways: Traditional Scotian Craftsmen; (Toronto: Van Nostrand Reinhold, 1980). § With notes by Joleen Gordon. The making of: canoes, baskets, snowshoes, butter churns, and more; photographs.

    Bartlett, Wm. Henry (1809-54):
  • Canadian Scenery; (London: Geo. Virtue, 1842). § The historical narrative is by Nathaniel Parker Willis (1806-67), but the real attraction to this handsome two volume ed. is the 120 steel engravings of drawings done by Bartlett, a number of them depicting scenes of Nova Scotia as it was in 1838.

    Beck, J Murray (1914-2011): § Born at Lunenburg, Beck, after getting a M.A. in history, taught school before the war. After returning from the war (radar officer) he went off to U. of T. and obtained a M.A. and a Ph.D. in political science. He was at Acadia for a couple of years (1950-52). He eventually went off to the Royal Military College at Kingston.
  • The Government of Nova Scotia; (University of Toronto Press, 1957).
  • Politics of Nova Scotia (Vol. 1, 1710-1896); With Endnotes, Appendices & Index; (Tantallon: Four East Publications, 1st Ed., 1985).
  • Joseph Howe, Vol. I, Conservative Reformer, 1804-1848 (McGill-Queen's University Press, 1982).
  • Joseph Howe, Vol. II, The Briton becomes Canadian, 1848-1873 (McGill-Queen's University Press, 1983).

    Bell, Winthrop Pickard (1884-1965): § President of the Nova Scotia Historical Society, 1951. One will find a very nice article on Bell, written by Terrence M. Punch, "Even If I Cannot Finish...:" Winthrop Bell And His Register; NSHS, Journal #7 (2004).
  • The 'Foreign Protestants' and the Settlement of Nova Scotia(1961) (Mount Allison University, 1992). § With Notes, Index & Bibliography.
  • See article written by Bell, "A Hessian Conscript's Account of Life at Halifax at the Time of the American Revolution"; NSHS, Vol #27 (1947); pp. 125.

    Bezanson, W. B.:
  • "Stories of Acadia"; 46 page pamphlet with paper covers; (Dartmouth; 1924). § Stories of the Baltimore (1735), the Indian raids of 1751, etc.

    Bible, George Potter (1858- ):
  • Historical Sketch of the Acadians, Their Deportation and Wonderings ...; (Philidelphia: Ferris & Leach, 1906).

  • A Catalogue of the Books in the Legislative Library of Nova Scotia, 1876 (Halifax: N.S. Printing Co., 1876). (See, too, a 28 page article in NSHQ#4:2, "Nova Scotia Books In-Print.")
  • A Catalogue of The Akins Collection of Books and Pamphlets (Halifax: PANS, 1933), pp. 206. § Compiled by Sheila I. Stewart under the direction of D. C. Harvey.
  • A Catalogue of the Eric. R. Dennis Collection prepared by Helen D. Beals (asst. librarian) under the supervision of Mary Kinley Ingraham (librarian) (Wolfville, N.S.: Acadia University, 1938). § A 212 pp. pamphlet listing books on Canada written prior to 1900; The arrangement of the catalogue is chronological as opposed to alphabetical. The chronological listing, while unusual, however, does give an interesting slant, especially to the historian with the requisite time and patience; The reader will be interested in knowing that the first book listed is one by Marc Lescarbot; The community is indebted to the Dennis family and the staff of the Library of Acadia University.
  • Nova Scotia in Books: 1752-1967 (The Halifax Library Association, 1967). § A 40 p. pamphlet being a listing of Nova Scotia books which might profitably be compared with the instant list.
  • The Atlantic Provinces; A bibliography of the histories of the Atlantic provinces; by William Morley; (University of Toronto Press, 1967).
  • Studying Nova Scotia, a bibliography and guide; Compiled by Robert Vaison (Halifax: Mt. St. Vincent University, 1974)
  • Cape Breton - a bibliography; Compiled and edited by Brian Tennyson (Halifax: Dept. of Education, 1978).

    Bird, Michael J. (1928- ): § Bird was born and lives in London.
  • The Town that Died: The story of the world's greatest man-made explosion before Hiroshima (London: Souvenir Press, 1962 [in Canada, The Ryerson Press]). § Includes Pictures.

    Bird, Will R. (1891- ): § Will R. Bird is of Yorkshire descent and was born in Cumberland County. "All told, twenty-five books and over five hundred short stories and articles on predominately maritime subjects have been published in Canada ..." (NSHQ#1:2, p. 167; NSHQ#2:2, p. 219.)
  • A Century at Chignecto: The Key to Old Acadia (1928); (Toronto: Ryerson Press, 1928). § Covers Indian Times to 19th cent. with major part on 1670s to 1770s.
  • This is Nova Scotia; (Toronto: Ryerson Press, 1950).
  • Done at Grand Pre; (Toronto: Ryerson Press, 1955).
  • Off-Trail in Nova Scotia (1956); photographs; (Toronto: Ryerson Press, 1956).
  • Atlantic Anthology; Bird, ed.; (McClelland & Stewart, 1959). § Essays on: Cabot, Cartier, Champlain, Lescarbot, Denys, Louisbourg, Acadians, Perkins, Shanon & Chesapeake, Royal William, Halifax Explosion, etc.; by: Hannay, Hakluyt, Fergusson, Howe, Haliburton, Murdoch, MacNutt, MacMechan, Montgomery, Bird, Raddall, MacLennan, Borrett, etc.
  • An Earl Must Have A Wife; (Clarke, Irwin & Co., 1969). § Deals with the life of J. F. W. DesBarres.

    Borrett, William Coates (1894- ): § Station Director of radio station CHNS, Halifax.
  • Tales Told Under the Old Town Clock; (Halifax: Imperial Pub., 1942).
  • More Tales Told Under the Old Town Clock; (Halifax: Imperial Pub., 1943).
  • East Coast Port and Other Tales Told Under the Old Town Clock; (Halifax: Imperial Pub., 1944).
  • Down East; Another Cargo of Tales Told Under the Old Town Clock; (Halifax: Imperial Pub., 1945).
  • Down to the Sea Again, With Tales Told Under the Old Town Clock; (Halifax: Imperial Pub., 1947).

    Bouchette, Joseph (1774-1841):
  • A Topographical Description of the province of Lower Canada, with Remarks upon Upper Canada, and on the relative connection of both provinces with The United States (London: Printed for the Author, published by W. Faden, 1815). § The work contains the following maps and plates: Chateauguay, Fort Chambly, Isle aux Noix, Town of William Henry, Village of Nicolet, of St. Thomas, Harrower's Distillery, Plan of the Route from Halifax to River du Loup, General table of distances, Long's Farm on Lake Timiscouata, Great Falls of River St. John, N.B., Kingston Channels, York Harbour, and Sketch of Battle of Chrysler's Farm.
  • The British dominions in North America, or, A topographical and statistical description of the provinces of Lower and Upper Canada, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, the Islands of Newfoundland, Prince Edward, and Cape Breton: including considerations on land-granting and emigration : to which are annexed, statistical tables and tables of distances, &c. (London : H. Colburn and R. Bentley, 1831).
  • General report of an official tour through the new settlements of the province of Lower-Canada: performed in the summer of 1824, in obedience to the commands and instructions of His Excellency George, Earl of Dalhousie, G.C.B., captain general and governor in chief of British North-America, &c. (Quebec? : s.n. , 1825).
  • Views in the Canadas, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia (S.l.: s.n., 1832?).
    A NOTE ON BOUCHETTE BOOKS: There seems that Bouchette saw to the publication of two of his works. The first was that of 1815 as has been described. The second came out in 1831 in two volumes, with a further edition, the very next year, in 1832, in three volumes. This second work carried a very long title, The British Dominions in North America; or a Topographical and Statistical Description of the provinces of Lower and Upper Canada, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, the Islands of Newfoundland, Prince Edward Island and Cape Breton. Including considerations on land granting and emigration. To which are annexed, statistical tables and tables of distances. Together with: A Topographical Dictionary of The Province of Lower Canada (Longman, Rees). The 1st ed. has been described as follows: "2 vols, 20 plates (1 double-page), 11 plans (1 folding)." The 1832 edition: "27.5cm & 28cm, 3 vols, complete with 31 plates, maps and plans (inc. 2 folding)." It should be noted that there is on the market, parts, apparently, of the 1832 work: Statistical Tables of the Province of Lower Canada. Accompanying the Topographical Maps thereof. ... to which is added Tables of Distances, Tables of the Lands Granted and Reserved (London. Printed by Thomas Davidson. nd) and A Topographical Dictionary of the Province of Lower Canada (London, 1832).

    Bourinot, Sir John George (1837-1902):
  • Local Government in Canada: An Historical Study (Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University, 1887). § This paper booklet is a "monthly part" (May and June, 1887) from the "Fifth Series, V-VI, "Municipal Government and Economics," part of a larger series started by the Studies Department of John Hopkins University, Maryland, begun in 1882 with Herbert B. Adams as editor. The whole series of "writings in history and political science," it would appear, has since been bound in several cl. books. Of the "Fifth Series," this appears to be the only part that has any application to Canada. A look at the Table of Contents shows that there might be some valuable historical material: "The French Regime, 1608-1760 ... Lower Canada, 1760-1840 ... Upper Canada, 1792-1840 ... The Maritime Provinces," etc.
  • Builders of Nova Scotia (Toronto: Copp-Clark, 1900).
  • Canada under British Rule (1760-1900) (Toronto: Copp-Clark, 1901).
  • Historial and Descriptive Account of the Island of Cape Breton and Its Memorials of the French Regime (1915).

    Bradley, A. G.:
  • The Fight with France for North America (London: Archibald Constable & Co Ltd, 1905). § With maps, pictures & portraits.

    Bradstreet, John (c.1711-74):
  • John Bradstreet's Quest (Waterloo: Wilfred Laurier University Press, 1982).

    Brebner, John Bartlet (1895-1957): § Brebner was born in Toronto. He studied at both Toronto and at Oxford. In 1915, he received a doctoral degree from Columbia and was to join its faculty as a Professor of History.
  • New England's Outpost: Acadia before the Conquest (1927~); (Hamden, Conn., Archon Books, 1965).
  • The Explorers of North America (1492-1806) (New York: MacMillan, 1933). § Columbus, Cortes, Champlain, Iroquois, etc.
  • The Neutral Yankees of Nova Scotia (1937) (Toronto: McClelland and Stewart, 1970).
  • North Atlantic Triangle, the Interplay of Canada, the United States and Great Britain (1945) (TORONTO: McClelland and Stewart, 1970).
  • Canada; (University of Michigan Press, 1960).
  • "Paul Mascarene of Annapolis Royal" § Reprinted from The Dalhousie Review (pp. 501-16) for The Historical Society of Annapolis Royal. "A paper read at the unveiling of the portrait of Paul Mascarene by HSAR, June 12th, 1928."
  • See The Dalhousie Review: "Brown MSS and Longfellow," Vol. 30; "Canadian and North American history," Vol. 7; "Canadian policy towards the Acadians in 1751," Vol. 33; "Canadianism," Vol. 33; "Joseph Howe and the Crimean War enlistment controversy between Great Brittain and the United States," Vol. 13; "Nova Scotia's remedy for the American Revolution," Vol. 5; Vol. 30; "Patronage and Parliamentary government," Vol. 33; and, "Subsidized intermarriage with the Indians," Vol. 33.

    Brown, Andrew ( -1834):

    Brown, George S.:
  • Yarmouth; (Boston: Rand Avery, 1888.)

    Brown, Harry R.:
  • Valley of the Remsheg or History of Wallace Bay Nova Scotia (The North Cumberland Historical Society, 1973). § Remsheg, of course, is the old French name for that area which we now know as Wallace. Most of the work is taken up with genealogical material on the six founding families (English era): Brown, Peers, Tuttle, McKim, Forshner and Wells. Indexed.

    Brown, James B.:
  • Moose River Disaster (1983); (Hantsport: Lancelot Press, 1991).

    Brown, Richard (1805-1882): § Brown was a mining engineer, geologist and historian. There is a portrait of Brown at NSHS., vol. #17, p. 99; and, see to, vol #26 (1945), pp. 161-2 for a short write up of Brown in "Pioneer Geologists of Nova Scotia ..." by Dr. F. W. Gray.
  • A History of the Island of Cape Breton (Low & Marston, 1869); Reprinted (Belleville: Mika, 1979).

    Brown, Thomas J.:
  • Place Names of the Province of Nova Scotia (Halifax: Royal Print & Litho, 1922). § Also see Gazetteer of Canada (Nova Scotia) and see Fergusson's work; and see Elizabeth Frame's work; and see Ganong's work on Gaspe, Blomidon, and Bras d'Or.

    Bumsted, J. M.:
    § Professor of History, Simon Fraser University.
  • The People's Clearance: Highland Emigration to British North America: 1770-1815 (University of Manitoba Press, 1982). § Contains passenger lists for the Hector (1773, Pictou), Dove of Aberdeen (1801, Pictou), Sarah of Liverpool (1801, Pictou), Commerce (1803, Pictou), (1801, Pictou).

    Burrage, Henry S.:
  • Maine at Louisbourg in 1745 (Augusta, Maine: Burleigh & Flint, 1910). § Lists of officers and men from Maine who were at Louisbourg in 1745, Correspondence, Official reports and Index; Ills.

    Burroughs, Peter:
    § Of Dalhousie University.
  • The Colonial Reformers and Canada (1830-49) (Toronto: McClelland and Stewart, 1969). § Colonization, Colonial Trade, Colonial government, Lord John Russell, Durham Report, Responsible government, etc.

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