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Kalm, Peter (1716-1779): § Kalm was a Finnish clergyman and part time botanist who traveled to North America during the years 1748-51. Kalm kept a journal as he travelled throughout the wilds of northeastern North America. Kalm's journal, "brims with observations on public institutions, food, mineral deposits, the width of streets, word formation in the Algonquin language, architecture, building materials, household remedies, Roman Catholicism in Canada, climate, beaver dams, the length of women's skirts, the reason for poor teeth among Americans, servants' wages, Ben Franklin's hospitality, and much, much more."
  • Travels In North America (1771) (New York: Dover Publications, 1987).

    Katzman, Mary Jane: See under Lawson.

    Kennedy, W. P. M.: § A professor at University of Toronto, at times of history and then of law.
  • Documents of the Canadian Constitution: 1759-1915; as selected and edited by; (Oxford University Press, 1918).
  • The Constitution of Canada: 1534-1937 (1922); (Oxford University Press, 2nd., 1938).

    Kent, Edward, Duke of (1767-1820):
  • The Life of Field-Marshall His Royal Highness, Edward, Duke of Kent; by Erskine Neale; (London: Richard Bentley, 2nd Ed., 1850). § "My [Neale] object throughout has been single and simple, to do justice to the memory of a noble-minded man, whom I conceive to have been, throughout life, most harshly, unfairly, and spitefully treated."
  • The Life of Edward, Duke of Kent; by William James Anderson (Ottawa: Hunter, Rose, 1870). § Mostly just the reproduction of the correspondence between the Duke and the de Salberrys of Quebec.
  • The Prince & His Lady (1970); by Mollie Gillen; (Goodread Biographies, 1985).
  • Overture to Victoria; by McKenzie Porter; (Toronto: Longmans, Green, 1961).
  • Royal Dukes, The Father and Uncles of Queen Victoria; by Roger Fulford (London: Duckworth, 1933). § Of course, also deals with Duke of Kent's brothers: George IV & William IV.

    Kenton, Edna:
  • Black Gown and Redskins; Selected & edited by (London: Longmans, Green, 1956). § Adventures and Travels of the Early Jesuit Missionaries in North America (1610-1791), much of the material, it seems, is selected from the Jesuit journals; Port Royal & Cape Breton; First issued in 1926.

    Kirke, Henry (1842-1925):
  • The First English Conquest of Canada (London: Bemrose & Sons, 1871) & (London: Sampson Low, Marston, 1908). § Deals with the period of 1629 to 1632 and Sir David Kirke's (1597-1654), the first conquest of Quebec; plus the earliest history of Nova Scotia and Newfoundland. [The 1908 ed. corrects many inaccuracies of the 1871 ed.]

    Knox, John (?-1778): § Knox was a British soldiers who fought in the campaigns in North America, 1757-1760; and, kept a diary of his experiences.
  • Historical Journal of the Campaigns in North America, 1757-1760 § This work was originally puiblished in 1769 by the author at London; it was reprinted by The Champlain Societywith with Arthur G. Doughty, ed. (Toronto: 3 Vols., Publications Nos. 8[1914], 9[1914] & 10[1916]).

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